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Wan Chai HongKong Tea Room (Lot 1)

Wan Chai Hongkong Tea Room has 5 outlets in Singapore. As the name suggests, it has the concept of HongKong eatery, be it food, beverage, layout or atmosphere. Went to Wan Chai Hongkong Tea Room in Lot 1 Shopping Centre at Choa Chu Kang for dinner. The place was packed. Had to queue up and wait for seats.

Table Number 1

We sat at table number 1! It was just at the entrance of the outlet. Wish that there were seats inside.

Menu Cover

Beverages menu

HK 'Yuan-Yang' $1.40

Ordered the HK ‘Yuan-Yang’. Asked for less sugar in an attempt to be healthy… and it was a disaster. Tasted so bitter! Me and my bright idea! =).

Crispy Silk Beancurd 'w' Pork Floss $5.50

The Crispy Silk Beancurd ‘w’ Pork Floss was delicious. It is amazing that such a simple dish that can be easily replicated at home can taste so Shioklicious! Moreover, just 2 ingredients is required. I guess the technique is also to control the heat when frying the beancurd so that the beancurd does not absorb the oil. This eatery managed to make sure that the dish was not oily!

HK Cheese Baked Chicken 'w' Mushroom Rice $8.00

My favourite, the HK Cheese Baked Chicken ‘w’ Mushroom Rice, an item which I have been ordering every time I visit the eatery. Depending on which part of the chicken you receive, it can be very tender and juicy or dry and hard to chew. The melted cheese certainty enhanced the taste of this entire dish. And I love the mushrooms. I should try some other items next time.

I always feel that they may as well do not give customers their complimentary soup. The reason is because, every time the soup taste weird (smelly) and has dirty particles in it. I do highly suspect that the pork/chicken which they add into the soup was not blanched. Hence, the taste and also the particles in the soup. If this is true then hmmm….

Over the food (which I mentioned) is not too bad. But do take note of what you order as the reviews online for the eatery has not been exactly positive.

Wan Chai HongKong Tea Room (Lot 1)
21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4
Lot 1 Shoppers’ Mall
Tel: 6893 8803
Opening Hours: Daily 8.30am – 9.30pm

Sakae Sushi (Lot 1)

Went to Sakae Sushi during dinner on a weekday. There was a queue, waited about 20minutes. Queues are quite common during meal times at most Sakae Sushi.

Organic Green TeaSomething that I always order, hot green tea. Their cups seems to be smaller than before.

Ajitsuke Idako (baby octopus sushi)

Ajitsuke Idako, ‘must eat’ item for her whenever she comes to Sakae Sushi!

Sakae Chawanmushi $1.99

Sakae Chawanmushi

Another signature item to order, the Sakae Chawanmushi. It contains crabmeat, vegetarian shark’s fin, fish cake and mushroom. The Chawanmushi is quite smooth and light, however it was on the salty. What a pity, it would be perfect if it was not so salty.

Beef Ramen $11.99

Beef Ramen

I can’t help but think to myself that in the menu, the picture of the beef ramen and the actual dish looks so different.

The Beef Ramen was surprising delicious and quite filling.

Geisha Gozen $18.99

She also ordered the Geisha Gozen which cost $18.99. The set consist of quite a spread, chicken Kaminabe, Salmon Teriyaki, Sakura Ebi Tofu, Chuka Kurage, Sakae Chawanmushi. It took quite long to be cooked and served.

Geisha Gozen

Look at the amount of food compared to what I ate in the background.

Chicken Kaminabe

Kaminabe means paper hot pot. Chicken Kaminabe is chicken paper hot pot? Nothing really fantastic about this.

Salmon Teriyaki

The Salmon Teriyaki was very salty. The saltiness masked the freshness of the salmon (that is if it was fresh in the first place).

Sakura Ebi Tofu

Again one word to describe the Sakura Ebi Tofu, salty.

Chuka Kurage

Chuka Kurage is seasoned jellyfish. It was average.

More misses than hits in this meal. My top of mind awareness after this meal is salty.

Sakae Sushi (Lot 1)
No. 21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4
Tel: 6764 3678
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm daily