Blanco Court Sliced Fish Bee Hoon

Blanco Court Sliced Fish Bee Hoon is located at Luk Luk Eating House which is an old old coffee shop. Dirty walls, dirty flooring that was cracked and olden days shutters. But the signboard was clean! 

Luk Luk Eating House

queue to the stall

Long queue, about a 25minutes wait during lunch time. Alot of people in the coffee shop was eating from this stall.

Blanco Court Sliced Fish Bee Hoon

I see bitter gourd, as a result, I decided to order the bitter gourd fried fish soup!

Bitter Gourd Fried Fish Soup with Rice $4.50

Asked for the soup without mik, so I expected the soup base to be clear. Quite weird that the soup had this faint white colour. The fish soup was average nothing outstanding about it. Bitter gourd was sliced thinly, which is a thumbs up. Wish that more fried egg was given! The fried fish was on the hard side. Just  a normal fish soup stall..

Its quite hard to find seats at this coffeeshop, it is filled to the brim during lunch hours. Notice that most people were eating the fish soup with their fish not fried and also without bitter gourd. Looks like this is the more popular version. Also, many people were ordering from the stall that sells claypot rice.

Recently, my friend working in Golden Landmark Hotel told me that the claypot rice at this coffeeshop is quite popular and delicious, such that she had to call to order 1st before going down. Will try it when I can!

Look at the queue, even when I am leaving the coffeeshop, the queue to the fish soup stall is still very long. I really wonder what did I miss out, how come its so popular. I have to come back and try the non bitter gourd and non fried fish version to find out what I have missed.

Blanco Court Sliced Fish Bee Hoon
341 Beach Road
Opening Hours: Daily 10.00am – 7.30pm
(Close on Sunday)

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