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Warong Nasi Pariaman

Warong Nasi Pariaman is located at the junction of North Bridge Road and Kandahar Street, at a shopouse at 738 North Bridge Road. It is near the Sultan Mosque. It is one of the oldest nasi padang stall in Singapore, starting its busines in 1948! (thats way way older than me). Nasi Padang is similar to what the chinese know as zi char or economic rice. In addition, Nasi Padang food are know for being cooked with lots of spices, lemon grass, coconut, lime and chilli.

Having such a long history, the stall has a huge loyal customer base. Although there was limited sitting capacity, most people also order takeaway. Judge the queue for yourself this is the takeaway queue. The place was packed when we went over during lunch time.

First visit

This was what we ate during our first visit here.

Second Visit

Third Visit

The food was so delicious that we ate here for the 2nd consecutive working day.


Inside the Begedil

Begedils is the malay name for potato patties. One begedil  for each of us. Can’t help that I am crazy about potato, the begedil was delicious and spring onion is a must for this. The Little Teochew Blog has a post on how to cook this.

Ayam Bakar

Ayam Bakar is a must eat at this stall. Ayam Bakar consist of grilled chicken served in a mildly spicy thick coconut milk gravy also know as korma gravy. The chicken is first cooked in the gravy. It is then grilled. Just before serving, gravy is poured over the chicken.

The ayam bakar was sedap(delicious in Malay)! The meat was soft and tender despite being grilled. And the grilling gave different textures to the chicken, crispy on the outside and soft inside. The gravy packed a punch of oomph compliment the chicken and even with rice.

Sambal Goreng

Another signature dish of Warong Nasi Pariaman is the Sambal Goreng. Sambal Goreng is a mixture of long bean, tempeh and fried beancurb. Almost every table had this! Very addictive!

Egg Omelette

Egg Omelette was delicious but it was quite oily.

Mutton Redang

Mutton Redang was soft and tender. Although it was not a signature dish, it would still have been a hit at any other shops. The food here is just too good that the limelight has been cannibalised by other dishes.

Curry Gravy

Teh Tarik

Nothing like a cup of Teh Tarik to end the meal on a good note.

If you are looking for authentic Malay food that packs a punch, Warong Nasi Pariaman is the place to go. Sedap! Their signature dishes are  Ayam Bakar, Sambal Goreng, Ikan Bakar and Beef Redang. Besides being delicious, it is relatively cheap. Cheap and delicious, what more can anyone ask for. Clearly, it is a die die must try place.

Warong Nasi Pariaman 
738 North Bridge Road
Tel: 6292 5958

Opening hours: 7.30am to 3pm; closed on Sundays and PH

The Prata Place

The Prata Place

The Prata Place is located along Upper Thomson Road. Went there around 930pm on a Saturday. The place was packed. Found an empty table indoor, hence we sat inside. It was very noisy, everyone seems to be talking very loudly.


Menu (i)

Menu (ii)

Menu (iii)

Menu (iv)

Teh Tarik $0.90

Teh Tarik, tea with milk that is poured from one container to the other container from a height. Hence, the bubbles as can be seen in the above picture. My verdict, it was way too sweet!

Plain Thosai $1.40

Plain Thosai, it was crispy, thin and plain. Can’t comment much as I do not know what to look out for when eating this. Put it in this way, its not my cup of tea.

Plain (Kosong) Prata $0.90 per piece


The Plain (Kosong) Prata was delicious. It is very crispy. The sides tend to be very thin, however as you eat on, the middle portion is fluffy Moreover, it is not oily. Certainty better in terms of size, taste, curry and price when compared to Jalan Kayu pratas. To make it even more heavenly, dip it into the curry sauce!

Egg Prata $1.50

The Egg Prata did not disappoint too. It was crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Not too oily and easy to tear apart with the fork.

That reminds me, this place is halal-certified. There are lots of variety of food. For pratas, there is even floss or red bean prata. However, do that your shirt, hair will smell of curry and prata after eating here especially if you eat indoors.

The Prata Place
1 Thong Soon Ave
Springleaf Garden
Tel: 64595670
Opening Hours: Daily 7am – 12am