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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (The Cathay)

*There is a Groupon voucher for Popeyes now! $3.30 for 2 pieces of Bonafide Chicken. Usual price is $5.50. I just bought it. Have you? (No I am not pay to advertise, just that this is a good lobang to try the chicken)*

I first ate Popeyes in Korea in 2007. I remember that its burger and biscuit (as they were delicious!)

Now is the chance to try Popeyes in Singapore. Went to the one at The Cathay. Somehow I was so used to the menu with Korean words that I do not remember or know what to order. Even the pictures look unfamiliar. In the end, I decided to go for the Two Piece Chicken Combo which consist of  two pieces of chicken, one drink, one side and one biscuit. This would have cost $7.40. But as I changed my drink to Ice Lemon Tea, I had to top up 30cents to $7.70.

Two Piece Chicken Combo $7.70

For the chicken, you have a choice of going for the mild or spicy. I chose the mild one and regretted, should have chosen spicy!

The fried chicken at Popeyes seems to be more crispy than that of KFC. In addition, the batter was thinly. However, I felt that there was not enough fragrant and flavour which could be partly due to my order for mild chicken. Inside, the chicken meat was super tender and juicy! It was not tough, each strand of meat can be teared out easily by hand. I would definitely say Popeyes’ fried chicken seems to be so much better than KFC.

Jam for the biscuit

The biscuit? It was so-so .. average. Nothing fantastic. I remembered the one in Korea was much better, more buttery and fragrant.

Mashed Potato

I am  crazy fan of potato. But the Mashed Potato at Popeyes does not agree with my taste bud. Totally dislike it, should have ordered Cajun Fries instead. Well food is subjective and based on personal preference. Many people have claimed that Popeye’s Mash Potato is superior compared to KFC. For me I would prefer KFC’s version. So it is best to try it yourself and see which is you cup of tea.

Today, Popeyes has 10 outlets in Singapore and is Halal certified. Their outlets are at
• Ang Mo Kio Jubilee Entertainment Centre
• Bedok Point
• Century Square
• Downtown East
• Orchard Xchange
• Punggol East
• Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3
• Singapore Flyer
• Square 2
• The Cathay

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (The Cathay)
2 Handy Road
#B1-21, The Cathay
Tel: 6735 3586

Indo Pura Muslim Food

Indo Pura Muslim Food is located in ‘Good Time Coffee Shop’.

This is the Indo Pura Muslim Food stall. Decided to order Ayam Penyet with a Begedil.

Ayam Penyet $4.00

Begedil $0.50

Lets start off with Ayam Penyet. The chicken was tender and soft. Normally, in Ayam Penyet, the chicken is smashed. In this case, it was not. Caution: the chilli is very very very spicy! Overall, the ayam penyet was decent, enjoyed the chicken!

Add a piece of begedil for $0.50. The begedil was so-so, to be frank it was not worth ordering.

Indo Pura Muslim Food
Good Time Coffee Shop
Rochor Centre 1
1 Rochor Road, 180001

Western Chow

I have ate at Western Chow at its Bishan outlet many times. The western food is real good and affordable.

Western Chow provides western food that is hainanese style yet halal. A fusion between western and hainanese, how unique! I have just come to know that the Bishan outlet and Bedok outlet has closed down due to staffing issues. Their current new outlet is located a Tampinese (Pls see the end of the post for full address). I am going to miss this western stall.

All pictures in this post are were from its bishan branch before it closed down.

Promotional Set Menu

Frankly, their Promotional Set Menu is not worth ordering. I ate it once and stopped ordering the set menu. The soup was diluted while the dessert was pathetic. Before, you think this is a post about lousy food, read on as their mains are amazing delicious!


Side Dish Menu

You get to choose 2 sides for any main course.

Chicken Chop Mushroom Sauce (Fries and Baby Carrots) $5.90

Ordered Chicken Chop Mushroom Sauce. I chose Fries and Baby Carrots for my sides. I ordered their whip potato (side) before and it was not to my liking. The chicken chop was soft, tender,juicy and well-marinated, which is a real gem as it is hard to find coffee shop food of this standard.  Of course, the mushroom sauce cannot be compared to places such as Jack’s Place. It was real good and complement to a already delicious chicken chop. The garlic bread was cold and soft, could have been toasted before serving. The Fries was on the salty end while the baby carrots was perfect; soft and the sweetness of the carrot still remains.

Char-Grilled Black Pepper Chicken (Fries and Baby Carrots) $5.90

I ordered the Char-Grilled Black Pepper Chicken on another occasion. Similarly, the sides I ordered was fries and baby carrot. The chicken was well grilled(look at the marks in the picture). Despite the grilling, the chicken was still soft, tender and juicy. Not dry and hard unlike other western stalls. Moreover, the charred bites and the back pepper sauce enhanced the taste. Yummilious! Again, the garlic bread was cold and soft, could have been toasted before serving. The Fries was on the salty end, they should really cut down the amount of salt used. The baby carrots was again perfect!

I have tried the Crispy Chicken Chop $5.90 before too and it is equally delicious! Their mains so far (what i tried) have not disappoint me at all. With improvements on their Garlic Bread and Fries, the meal would have been even more perfect!

I hope that once Western Chow has settled its staffing issues, it will open at Bishan again. They have closed all outlets and open a new one at Tampinese. Their new outlet address is below. Heard that their menu has changed sightly too. Hopefully food quality remains.

Western Chow
Blk 929
Tampinese St 91 
Closed Monday.