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Soon Kee Duck Rice

I believe not many people know of this place, maybe the older generation know more about this place. Dad always buy duck legs and wings from this place. On certain occasions, he would buy the whole duck from here. I have been here several times. During weekends 1030 am there is already a queue. Weekdays lunch are similar. This place is so ulu, out of the way, yet there is a queue. Mainly because it is cheap and nice.

The stall (side view)

Should have taken a front view of the stall. This was taken at 915am on a week day. They have not finished cooking all the ducks. so only hang the first few.

Duck (half)

The eggs and cuttle fish are not from the stall. These are from home. You can request for the duck to be cut into half. We bought the whole duck which cost $35 if i remember correctly. During special occasions such as Chinese New Year Eve, alot of people will call early and reserve the ducks to be collected on CNY eve morning. Of cos the price of the duck is slightly more expensive during this period. And unless you call and order, I doubt you can buy the whole duck. i have been here on several occasions during CNY eve. The number of ducks they churn out from the kitchen is amazing!

The duck is soft and tender. And inside, its tasty, the smell/taste of the sauce has seeped in.

Duck Porridge $3.00

This duck porridge is good. When I go there buy duck during the morning, I will make sure I do not eat breakfast so that I have the excuse of buying duck porridge for breakfast. Chunks of duck meat. And yes they added some kind of preserved dried salted vegetable in it. It certainty added flavour into the porridge.

duck wing and duck leg (to accompany my porridge)

Duck wings and duck legs

My favourite is their duck legs, followed by wings. Its not easy to lay your hands on this during weekends as it get sold out very fast, or some one reserve them.

Soon Kee Duck Rice

Soon Kee Duck Rice
Upper Thomson Road
Along Thong Soon Road
Corner shop from the row of shop houses

Herbal Soup

Again another stall that I have been eating since young (upper primary)! As far as I know, this stall is quite famous with its fair share of appearance on newspapers and magazines. For some reason, I like herbal soup. Some people of my age hates them (especially the smell). I believe the first time I tried herbal soup was at this stall. After so many years, I still come back here for it and the owners are still look the same and as young! (must be the herbal soups)

Black Chicken Herbal Soup

I have nearly always ordered this whenever I come to this coffee shop except for the exception of once or twice when I order the turtle soup. More herbs underneath, hidden under the black chicken.

Note to myself: They used to add alot more herbals than this. But well, no choice. Its still what I considered one of the best. As I have been else where and drunk herbal soup, but outside standard of herbal soup seems to be adding of lots of salt with a few herbals which i dislike.

Black Chicken Herbal Soup with a bowl of Rice $5.50

Again, I must emphasis most people who come to this coffee shop orders the herbal soup. Their business is good. And not to worry, the meal is delivered very fast as all they need to do is get your soup from the steamer.

The black chicken is tender and tasty even though it has been cooked for long period. And the taste of the herbs have sipped into the chicken meat. Its easy to bite. I love it when mine comes along with the chicken leg. The soup is concentrated with lots of herbals in it, its not salty. It is not diluted. Sadly, the rice is hard, but well I came here for the herbal soup not the rice. =)

I wish there was more of the black chicken meat. But well, overall it was definitely value for money. Hopefully, the standard remains the same as I will always be back for more.

Some magazines and newspapers cutting at the bottom right of the stall

Blk 728
Ang Mo Kio Ave 6

Tip Top Curry Puff

I have been eating this curry puff since I was young, when I was in upper primary which is like 15 years ago. At that time, this curry puff cost only 60 cents! Personally, I feel that Tip Top Curry Puff is the best curry puff in Singapore. Next will be the curry puff sold by ‘Epok Epok Central’ at Eunos Crescent.

Tip Top Curry Puff

The signage says since 1979! And yes, there was a queue of about 4 people in front of me. It sells just curry puff yet there is a queue, speaks volume about its business. Another thing to note is that they hand-made the curry puff on the spot and then deep fry it in batches. This way, the curry puff anyone orders will be freshly made and hot too. Yes, its not warm, but hot! Normally for me I will tell the lady I do not need a plastic bag as I want to eat it immediately. The lady will always say the same thing, be careful, its hot.

Magazines/Newspapers recommending Tip Top Curry Puff

Look at how many magazines and newspapers cuttings there are that featured Tip Top Curry Puffs.

Tip Top Curry Puff $1.10

Higher cost of living has pushed the price up to $1.10. But its still cheaper than 1A and Old Chang Kee which cost $1.20 each.  And in terms of taste department, I like Tip Top best. It is best to eat this immediately after buying. If you leave it after a few hours, the crust taste different (even if you make it warm again). The crust is crispy on the outside.Inside it contains moist pieces of mashed potatoes with chunky chicken bites and a slice of hard-boiled egg along with the right level of spiciness. In my haste to finish this curry puff up, I forgot to take a picture of how it looks inside! Best for you to try it yourself!

Tip Top Curry Puff
Hiap Hua kopitiam(Right behind Jubilee)
Blk 722 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
Opening Hours: 9.30am to 9.30pm, daily

ps: you can smell the fragance of the curry puff once you are near the stall. So if you can’t find the stall, follow the smell! =D