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IKEA Restaurant & Cafe (Alexandra)

Went to the IKEA Restaurant & Cafe at Alexandra. I like the concept (similar to army style canteen), self service and it does speed up the process. You take a tray, if u need to get 2 or more trays, use their tray trolley! A great idea, they did not have it last time. Did not take a picture of it. After taking and trolley and/or tray, you follow the queue and choose the items from the freezers and order the hot dishes from the staff behind the counters. Then you go to the cashier and pay.

What to order? Well the Swedish Meatball!

Swedish Meatball 10pieces $6.50

The Swedish Meatball, I believe it is made up of minced beef and pork. It was cooked to perfection. Not hard, soft on the inside. It is served with boiled potatoes and cream sauce. *thumbs up* No wonder Swedish Meatball is so famous.

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings 2pieces $2.80

The Chicken Wings was abit overcooked. But after biting through the skin, the meat is still tender and tasty!

The Swedish Meatballs alone would be worth a trip down to IKEA anyday!

317 Alexandra Road
2nd Floor
Opening Hours:  8am-10pm (last order 930pm)