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Thunder Tea Rice (Lei Cha Fan)

This has got to be one of the more interesting dish. Thunder Tea Rice is a traditional Hakka dish. Today, this dish is being marketed as a healthy and tasty food and seems to be targeted at the health conscious consumers.

Personally, I have not heard of Thunder Tea Rice. But I have heard of Thunder Tea (Lei Cha) before and drank it when I was in Taiwan.

Presenting Thunder Tea Rice…

The stall


Look at the pictures above and you will know why I mention that it is marketed towards the health conscious. Notice the words ‘no pork no lard’, ‘healthy and tasty food’ and ‘100% healthy’. Benefits of Thunder Tea Rice includes removing body toxic and fluid wastes, lower cholesterol, strengthen immune system, combat flu and headache, expel body winds and gas, maintain youth and enhance beauty. Wow! What a lot of benefits! Well, of course I will take all these benefits with a pinch of salt as how true are these really depends on the type of food, amount of salt and oil used, method of cooking and the list goes on..

Thunder Tea Rice Set

Thunder Tea Rice Set (white rice) $5.00

I ordered the Thunder Tea Rice Set (white rice). You can be ‘healthier’ and order the brown rice version for $0.50 more. The Thunder Tea Rice Set comes along with 1 tofu and egg omelette.

Looks so healthy. Quite alot of ingredients given. The rice is hidden beneath all these ingredients! Mix the ingredients up with the rice and start eating. With each mouthful, you get a burst of flavours and at the same time crunchy due to the peanuts. Quite a delicious and yummilicious dish which is surely very healthy too.

Thunder Tea

The Thunder Tea ‘soup’. You are supposed to pour this over the mixed rice. But before you do this, do try it and see if you like it. I have no idea how to describe this. It has a strong hint of mint and basil leaves. And as the name suggest it should have tea leaves as its ingredients. A very potent dish that might not suit everyone’s taste bud. Well, no matter how I try, I could not appreciate this.

Tofu and Egg Omelette

The Tofu and Egg Omelette was below average. A dish which you can forgo especially if your purpose of eating here is to be health conscious.

Thunder Tea Rice is going to be a dish which either you really like it or you do not like it. I guess I belong to the latter group. But the rice with assorted ingredients in it is real delicious, do try it!

Thunder Tea Rice (Lei Cha Fan)
QS 269 foodhouse
Blk 269 Queen St
Tel: 63388684
Opening hours: 8am to 8pm
Website: (for their other branches)