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Paradise Dynasty (ION Orchard)

A trip down to Paradise Dynasty on a weekday for lunch. We arrive before 12 noon. Do not be mistaken by the queue. They are waiting for either their friends or waiting to be seated. Still lots of space available inside at this time. Do note, you will only be brought inside when all your guest have arrived. 

The World's First 8 Flavoured Xiao Long Bao

The World’s First 8 Flavoured Xiao Long Bao which created lots of publicity online and in the media for this restaurant.

Tables near the entrance. This photo was taken as we were leaving at around 130pm. By then, the place was full. Not an easy accomplishment as it was a weekday and the place was huge!

We were seated inside. Here you can spot more empty tables as these photos were taken when we arrived. Huge place with large sitting capacity. Amazing, it was full by 1245pm. Look at setting of this restaurant. Moreover, waiters and waitress were in uniform that makes you feel as if they are serving a prince/princess (you).

Lighting on the ceiling

What drinks to order? Water or tea when the price is the same.


Well, we ordered tea, which was refillable.

Legend of Xiao Long Bao

How to eat your Xiao Long Bao?

Signature Dynasty Dumplings (8 flavours) $13.80

Needless to say, we ordered the Signature Dynasty Dumplings. Appearance wise, I would have given a perfect 10. Taste wise, it was a disappointment. Even the original flavour one was so-so. I would still prefer Crystal Jade’s.

Part of La Mian Menu

La Mian with Sliced Pork in Signature Pork Bone Soup $9.80

I ordered the La Mian with Sliced Pork in Signature Pork Bone Soup. The la mian was good,  each strand was thin, soft and fragrant. Each piece of pork was thinly sliced. The half an egg was nicely cooked too with its runny yolk. The only down side was that the soup base was quite salty.

Part of La Mian Menu

La Mian in Hot and Sour Soup $8.50

The La Mian in Hot and Sour Soup was supposed to be spicy and sour. But it was way too sour.

Making Xiao Long Bao

Overall, in terms of food, Paradise Dynasty reminds me of Crystal Jade. After tasting the food, I would prefer Crystal Jade’s Xiao Long Bao and La Mian. In terms of service, Paradise Dynasty’s service was prompt and efficient. Felt that Paradise Dynasty’s Xiao Long Bao was over-hyped. Nothing special. But overall, is still a decent place to come for lunch if you are in town especially for its la mian.

Paradise Dynasty (ION Orchard)
2 Orchard Turn
#04-12A ION Orchard
Tel: 6509 9118 
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri  11am – 10pm
                                 Sat–Sun & PH10.30am – 10pm


Good Taste BBQ

*Edited on 18 Aug 11, was told the stall is no longer in operation. But am unable to verify. Anyone knows?*

I went to Tampines Round Market trying to look for 李记 Seafood BBQ. Does this name sounds familiar. Well, if you recall, this stall was one of those featured in Buzzing Cashier 抢摊大行动 in 2008. Subsequently, I went down to try the stingray and lala in 2009. Stingray was below average but the lala was shiokingly delicious. But as it was too far from where I stayed, never went back…

Till recently, I was near the area and decided to pop by there. I thought the stall had closed down, but on closely look, I saw the Buzzing Cashier logo. Well, the stall is now called Good Taste BBQ, but the Hawker who was involved in the show was not manning the stall. My guess is that he is still recuperating from a stroke.

Oops did I type too much? Well , back to Good Taste BBQ:

Good Taste BBQ

Chef's Recommendation

Was surprised that under Chef’s Recommendation, there was no Bean Sauce Lala.

Buzzing Cashier Certificate

The Buzzing Cashier Certificate along with the chefs’ signature, which the prove that this was the stall involved.

Sliced Meat You Mian $3.00

Being along, it was not possible for me to order stingray and bean sauce lala. Hence, I ordered the Sliced Meat You Mian. It was an average dish of you mian with meat. Soup base was not bad and seems to contain flavours of meat;pork (of course) and anchovies (ikan bilis).Was not too salty. In terms of meat, slices of lean and minced pork are given. The rest of the ingredients and you mian are similar to what you would find in a bowl of home-made noodle stall in coffeeshops or food courts. For $3, it was value for money. However, I still felt hungry after the meal.

If anyone has tried their stingray and bean sauce lala recently, let me know if its delicious. Thanks.

ps: There seems to be a famous charcoal fish head steam boat within the round market. Always, there will be a lot of people eating from that stall.

Good Taste BBQ
Tampines Round Market & Food Centre
Blk 137 Tampines Street 11, #01-33
Tel: 9014 0079
Opening Hours: Tue – Sun 5pm to 9pm
                                  Closed on Mon

Bario (Ramen Champion @ Iluma)

This is my second visit to Ramen Champion at Iluma. During the first visit, I tried Tetsu. If you are clueless on Ramen Champion, can read my 1st post.

This time, as we arrived early, there was a short queue (3 people) at Bario (during the previous visit, this stall had a long queue). Hence, decided to try this stall.

More garlic or chilli?

Bario Menu

Bario Menu (Bario Ramen)

Within 5 minutes of queuing (3 people), it was my turn to order. I ordered the Bario Ramen(which is their signature dish) and added a Flavored Boil Egg. In return, I got a ‘land mine’! Another round of waiting!

Land mine

Waited for 15 minutes before the land mine exploded vibrated, signaling that my bowl of ramen is ready.

Bario Ramen $13 + Flavored Boiled Egg $1

Overcooked Flavored Boil Egg

Curly Noodles

The serving of Bario Ramen is not for small eaters. 3 pieces of Char Siew, curly noodles topped with a very generous serving of beansprouts. The beansprout seems much more than the noodles. The beansprouts was crunchy, but with such a big serving of beansprouts, I got quite sick of eating it towards the end. The noodles was thick, hard and curly. Being hard and curly, extra care has to be taken to ensure that my shirt will not be stained. Felt that more noodles could have been given and that each strand could have been thinner. However, to the chef, thick means manly.. The Char Siew was fatty, fragant and with a melt in the mouth sensation. Of course, I did not take all the fats, just one small bite to try as it way too sinful! The Flavored Boil Egg was a disappointment. Way too overcook, yolk was not runny.

The soup based was interesting. Should be pork broth with several other ingredients. But it was overpowered by the flavour of garlic. or should I phrase it that way too much garlic was added by the chef. (you can request for no garlic).

Overall, I am not won over. For the price, it was so-so. Could have been much better. Beats me why there was a long queue previously and during this visit. My  guess is everyone wants to try. But once everyone has tried once, will it be sustainable? Well time will tell. I will try other stalls soon and review them too! If you know any that is nice let me know.

ps: The six Ramen restaurants:
1.IROHA from Toyama
2.BARIO from Tokyo
3.GANTETSU from Sapporo
4.TETSU from Tokyo
5.IKKOSHA from Hakata
6.TAI SHO KEN from Tokyo

Bario (Ramen Champion @ Iluma)
201 Victoria Street
#04-08/09/10 Iluma (Bugis)
Tel: 6238 1011
Opening Hours: Daily 1130 am to 1030 pm