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Ah Loy Thai (Shaw Towers) (2nd Post)

This is my second post on Ah Loy Thai which is located in Shaw Towers. The first post can be found here.

As you may have noticed in this menu, prices have increased. Hence, there was a need to cover the prices.

Long queue (right of picture)

Visited Ah Loy Thai  on a saturday for dinner. It was around 6pm and yet there was already a long queue that stretched down the stairs to where the male toilet is. Notice the white long sleeve shirt man whose image is not clear and back is facing us? Well he is the guy who ensures that patrons queue up and assign them to the tables. So you will not want to offend him.

More seating spaces

Ah Loy Thai has expanded and taken a unit next to it to cater to the crowd. As a result, their seating capacity has increased around 100%! But my concern will is that the owners increased the seating capacity without increasing kitchen size. How will it cope with serving customers their food and not result in an increase in waiting time? As mentioned in my first post, the waiting time for food was around 40minutes.


While we were queuing up, we were given a pencil and this slip of paper with all the dishes and prices. We waited close to 20 minutes and had lots of time to decide what to eat.

At last, we had a place to sit. All the way at the back at a cozy corner. Having decided what to order, I went to the cashier and made the payment for my orders with the slip of paper before going to my seat. It will be a 45 minutes wait, that was what the cashier told me.

Thai Pandan Chicken $9.00

Luckily for us, we waited just around 30 minutes. The first dish that was served was the Thai Pandan Chicken. The Pandan Chicken wrapped in pandan leaves was tender, juicy, tasty and well-marinated. The pandan leaves seems to have helped trap and ensure that all the moisture and flavours did not eascape. In addition, pandan flavours were present in the chicken. The chicken were cooked till it was slightly charred. Shiok, delicious! The only down side was, it was oily. Well, for delicious food its worth it.

Thai Fried Keoteow (Phad Thai) $5.90

Having tried the Phad Thai previously, I ordered it again. Phad Thai is the thailand version of fried kway teow. It is fried with prawns, toufu, fried egg and bean sprouts. Accompanied with grinned peanut and lime. The dish was fragrance and tasty! Certainty better than most places.

Tom Yum Seafood $6.90

Over the past 1 year, I have drank several different versions  of Tom Yum Soup. (can look at the tag ‘+ Tom Yam Soup‘ for the other posts). Ah Loy Thai’s Tom Yum Soup looks fiery red with the chilli oil on top. It came with prawns, mushrooms (straw and oyster) and squids. It is a spicy yet sour soup that was balanced nicely such that despite the spiciness (numbing your tongue/sweating), you would find yourself going for more servings. We ordered a bowl of rice to accompany the soup.

Overall, despite the wait time, the food is too good to forgo. After this visit, the must try items are Thai Pandan Chicken and Phad Thai. Come to think of it the Tom Yum Soup is also another star. Give it a try. But do come early if you are planning a dinner as Ah Loy Thai closes at 815pm on weekdays and 715 on weekends.

After your meal, you can hop over to Tom’s Palette just opposite Ah Loy Thai for ice cream.

Ah Loy Thai (Shaw Towers)
100 Beach Road
Tel: 91651543
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, 12pm to 8:15pm
Sat: 1pm to 7:15pm

                                 Closed on Sundays

Tom’s Palette

Heard about how good Tom’s Palette ice cream is since a few years back. At last, I get to try it for myself. Tom’s Palette is a traditional home-made ice cream shop. It seems that the owners have been churning out new innovative flavours regularly and the ice cream are made the traditional way, from scratch (using eggs, cream, milk, sugar).

Oh they have extended their shop, check out the newly renovated shop now. There’s much more sitting space available.

Even have ice-cream making workshop!

Salted Egg York ice cream!

You can try as many flavours as you like before deciding on the ones which you would like to order. I spotted Salted Egg York ice cream! This is unique and very innovative, have never tried something like that before. Hence, I asked to sample this flavour too! It really tasted like salted egg york, just that this time its the ice cream version! Something to unique to sample which I do not think you can find else where for now.

In the end, I decided to order these flavours

Granny's Favourite ice cream

Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate and Granny's Favourite

I ordered a medium cup with 2 flavours in it, Chocolate and Granny’s Favourite ice cream.

Chocolate ice cream had a strong chocolate / cocoa taste. It was thick and dark (bitter) too.  Not the diluted version of chocolate ice cream which you can find anywhere!

Granny’s Favourite ice cream had cookie dough in it which provided it with a variety of taste. It taste abit like milo ice cream too.

Surprisingly Tom’s Palette ice cream are quite affordable compare to other ice cream outlets. Moreover the ice creams are thick and are made of the real stuff. I will certainty be back to try more flavours. Am totally convinced that it is quite value for money. In fact, I think its on par with Ben & Jerry or even better!

Tom’s Palette
100 Beach Road #01-25
Shaw Leisure Gallery
Tel: 62965239 OR 907077021
Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs 12pm to 930pm
Fri – Sat 12pm to 10pm
Sun 1pm to 7pm (closed on every last Sunday of the month)

Roma’s Deli (2nd visit)

Another visit to Roma’s Deli. The previous post can be found here. This place serves good vegetarian food. Went during a weekday lunch time. With a small capacity, it best to go early.

Set Lunch Menu

Their set lunch menu from 12pm to 3pm. Decided to order the Baked Mushroom Pasta $6.90. It comes with a piece of garlic bread, soup and baked mushroom pasta.

Garlic Bread

Cream of Mushroom

Liked the soup as I am a crazy fan of mushroom. This time the soup is more starchy/thicker. But I still like it as much.

Baked Mushroom Pasta

Careful, the side of the container holding the pasta is hot! Pasta was well cooked, it was soft unlike some other places which are under cook. The mushroom add on to the flavour. However, this dish is quite unhealthy as too much oil has been added. After eating, you will notice what is left below is a layer of oil. I do not think I am likely to order baked stuff from here again.

Overall for for $6.90, I must say that its worth it. Some restaurants are charging $4to $6 for just soup, whereas here, the set of garlic bread, soup and pasta is so value for money. And your warm water gets constantly refilled! Good service, I hope the standard can be maintained!

Roma’s Deli
100 Beach Road
#01-23 Shaw Towers
Tel: +65 6293 4585
Opening Hours
Daily: 11.30am – 9pm