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Roma’s Deli (2nd visit)

Another visit to Roma’s Deli. The previous post can be found here. This place serves good vegetarian food. Went during a weekday lunch time. With a small capacity, it best to go early.

Set Lunch Menu

Their set lunch menu from 12pm to 3pm. Decided to order the Baked Mushroom Pasta $6.90. It comes with a piece of garlic bread, soup and baked mushroom pasta.

Garlic Bread

Cream of Mushroom

Liked the soup as I am a crazy fan of mushroom. This time the soup is more starchy/thicker. But I still like it as much.

Baked Mushroom Pasta

Careful, the side of the container holding the pasta is hot! Pasta was well cooked, it was soft unlike some other places which are under cook. The mushroom add on to the flavour. However, this dish is quite unhealthy as too much oil has been added. After eating, you will notice what is left below is a layer of oil. I do not think I am likely to order baked stuff from here again.

Overall for for $6.90, I must say that its worth it. Some restaurants are charging $4to $6 for just soup, whereas here, the set of garlic bread, soup and pasta is so value for money. And your warm water gets constantly refilled! Good service, I hope the standard can be maintained!

Roma’s Deli
100 Beach Road
#01-23 Shaw Towers
Tel: +65 6293 4585
Opening Hours
Daily: 11.30am – 9pm