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The Prata Place

The Prata Place

The Prata Place is located along Upper Thomson Road. Went there around 930pm on a Saturday. The place was packed. Found an empty table indoor, hence we sat inside. It was very noisy, everyone seems to be talking very loudly.


Menu (i)

Menu (ii)

Menu (iii)

Menu (iv)

Teh Tarik $0.90

Teh Tarik, tea with milk that is poured from one container to the other container from a height. Hence, the bubbles as can be seen in the above picture. My verdict, it was way too sweet!

Plain Thosai $1.40

Plain Thosai, it was crispy, thin and plain. Can’t comment much as I do not know what to look out for when eating this. Put it in this way, its not my cup of tea.

Plain (Kosong) Prata $0.90 per piece


The Plain (Kosong) Prata was delicious. It is very crispy. The sides tend to be very thin, however as you eat on, the middle portion is fluffy Moreover, it is not oily. Certainty better in terms of size, taste, curry and price when compared to Jalan Kayu pratas. To make it even more heavenly, dip it into the curry sauce!

Egg Prata $1.50

The Egg Prata did not disappoint too. It was crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Not too oily and easy to tear apart with the fork.

That reminds me, this place is halal-certified. There are lots of variety of food. For pratas, there is even floss or red bean prata. However, do that your shirt, hair will smell of curry and prata after eating here especially if you eat indoors.

The Prata Place
1 Thong Soon Ave
Springleaf Garden
Tel: 64595670
Opening Hours: Daily 7am – 12am