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Ah Loy Thai (Shaw Towers)

Had heard so much about this place for its Thai food. At last I get to try it.It was crowded on a weekday lunch time. Luckily, had no problem finding a place. The bottleneck was waiting for food. Waited 35-40 minutes for the food.

Green Curry (Soup) $6.00

The Green Curry was good. It was not overwhelmed in the taste department with coconut. It was not very spicy and the spices complemented with the coconut. Inside, there are slices of fish balls and chunks of chicken. Fish ball was average. The chicken was soft and tender. A bit disappointed with the lack of ingredients. But this soup was shiokolicious.

Tom Yam Soup $5.50

Not a clear picture. This is so much more value for money compared to Green Curry. Its cheaper than Green Curry and yet its ingredients was much much more. Ingredients include around 3 prawns and generous servings of mushrooms and squids. It is slightly more spicy than the green curry. It had a good balance between the spiciness and sourness.

Rice $0.60

These soups are best accompanied by rice of course. Wished that more portion of rice was given.

Too hungry to take a picture of Phad Thai. I would recommend this dish. Its actually kway teow fried with seafood, fried egg and bean sprouts. It comes along with grinned peanut and lime for you to add to further enhance the taste.

As for the drinks, they were a disappointment. The drinks were just too sweet. The food was good, price was reasonable. However, drinks and waiting time was a disappointment. But I would say the food is definitely worth the wait.

Ah Loy Thai (Shaw Towers)
100 Beach Road
Tel: 91651543
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, 12pm to 8:15pm
                                  Sat: 1pm to 7:15pm

                                 Closed on Sundays