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The Kelong Restaurant (Bintan) (2nd Post)

This is my 2nd post on ‘The Kelong Restaurant’ in Bintan, Indonesia. The first can be found here.

Went over to Bintan over a weekend again. Things at Bintan can be expensive even food. Most people will be wondering what to eat in Bintan? What is delicious and yet value for money? Well, I have the answer for you… The Kelong Restaurant!We like it so much that we went back there again.

Shuttle Bus schedule to The Kelong Restaurant (sorry for blur photo)

There are free shuttle buses within the Nirwana Group of Resorts that will make a stop at The Kelong Restaurant.

The Kelong Restaurant is set up on stilts in the sea. It has a open concept so that the breeze from the sea will blow in. This time, the breeze blowing in was continuous and strong. So strong that we felt cold and turned our food cold within a short period of time despite it arrive pipping hot!

Menu Cover (newly redesigned)

Menu (Soup)

We ordered the Tom Yam Soup again. Small one for $14

Tom Yam Soup

Tom Yam Soup

The waiter served the Tom Yam Soup for us into 2 smaller bowls (which you see in the pictures above), yet there was still half a bowl(big) of soup remaining filled with ingredients. Consistent taste; same as what it tasted like 6 months ago. Right amount of sourness and right amount of spiciness that was perfect for me. Prawns, mussels, carrots, mushrooms, squids and even flower crab! The prawns were very fresh, the meat was firm and can be separated easily from the shell. The flower crab despite it being small was equally fresh too. The meat was easily separated from its shell and was sweet.

Menu (Chicken)

Crispy Chicken (Half Portion) $13

We had to order Crispy Chicken again. Again the quality of food was consistent! The outer chicken skin was so crispy and delicious that it would have been a waste if we did not eat it.

Menu (Sizzling & Clay Pot)

Sze Chuan Tofu $12

Thought that this the Sze Chuan Tofu will be very spicy. Surprisingly, it was not. There were lots of toufu, mushrooms, squids, prawns and carrots. The toufu was deep fried and there was a layer of egg at the bottom of the hot plate. Some slices of salted fish might enhanced the taste more. Quite a decent dish of hotplate beancurd that is much better than those at restaurants and coffeeshops in Singapore.. But due to the first 2 ‘stars’ this was an average dish that day.

Menu (Fresh Vegetables & Beancurd)

Baby Kailan with Oyster Sauce $12

Kailan is one of my favourite vegetables. Crunchy and taste great with oyster sauce. The vegetable look so green and taste so fresh! Well cooked!

Damage to the wallet: SGD64.13. Singapore dollar is used here, so Singaporeans do not need to change currency to Rupiah.

We were looking at the next table with 5 person (4ladies and a guy) and we realised that we ordered a similar amount of food as them. Only then did it occur to us that we have ordered alot of food for 2 person! Are we that big eaters I wonder..

If you are going to Bintan. Most of the prices there are similar to singapore prices and you might feel rip off if you insist on dinning in the resort itself. If you are willing to spend, why not go to Kelong Restaurant. At least, you get great tasting food instead of paying more and yet getting lousy food. Considering what we ate, $32 per pax was value for money. Worth it! Moreover, despite the place being filled to the brim, service was very good as they had many waiters and waitresses.

The reason why the food is so fresh:

(sorry for blur picture)

If you are in Bintan, this is a ‘die die must try’ place. Wish that it was located in Singapore.

Tip: If you are going there for dinner on a weekend at around 7pm to 9pm, do ask the hotel to make reservation for you.

The Kelong Restaurant
Nirwana Gardens, Jalan Panglima Pantar
Lagoi 29155, Bintan Resort 
Tel: (62) 770 692 789
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 – 22:30
There are free shuttle buses within the Nirwana Group of Resorts that will make a stop here.

Northern Thai Restaurant

The name can be misleading. Its not really a restaurant, there is no air con. Instead Northern Thai Restaurant is located in a coffeeshop.

Northern Thai Restaurant is located in this coffee shop.

Not too long a queue. Order your food, get the number and find a seat. Virtually everyone in this coffee shop are patronising the Northern Thai Restaurant. And the coffeeshop around 80% full during lunch time. Quite an achievement as I felt that it was ulu. Not like its 5minutes walk away from the MRT station.


Rice $0.50, Northern Thai Special Tom Yam Soup $4.50

Northern Thai Special Tom Yam Soup $4.50

This is quite a unique bowl of tom yam soup. It is cloudy and looks orangey. That reminds me, no chili oil was added. Yet, it was still spicy. There were hints  of basil, lemon grass and chili padi. I was researching online and realised it is likely that coconut milk was added.

Omelette $3.00

The Omelette was shiok too. It was fluffy and ingredients were well spread. The only down side was that beneath the omelette is a layer of oil. But well, for good food, its ok to be unhealthy. At least it was worth it.

Northern Thai Restaurant
1 Tyrwhitt Road (Between Kitchener and Tyrwhitt Roads)
Opening Hours: Mon–Sat: 8.30am – 5pm
(Closed on Sunday & public holidays)

Ah Loy Thai (Shaw Towers)

Had heard so much about this place for its Thai food. At last I get to try it.It was crowded on a weekday lunch time. Luckily, had no problem finding a place. The bottleneck was waiting for food. Waited 35-40 minutes for the food.

Green Curry (Soup) $6.00

The Green Curry was good. It was not overwhelmed in the taste department with coconut. It was not very spicy and the spices complemented with the coconut. Inside, there are slices of fish balls and chunks of chicken. Fish ball was average. The chicken was soft and tender. A bit disappointed with the lack of ingredients. But this soup was shiokolicious.

Tom Yam Soup $5.50

Not a clear picture. This is so much more value for money compared to Green Curry. Its cheaper than Green Curry and yet its ingredients was much much more. Ingredients include around 3 prawns and generous servings of mushrooms and squids. It is slightly more spicy than the green curry. It had a good balance between the spiciness and sourness.

Rice $0.60

These soups are best accompanied by rice of course. Wished that more portion of rice was given.

Too hungry to take a picture of Phad Thai. I would recommend this dish. Its actually kway teow fried with seafood, fried egg and bean sprouts. It comes along with grinned peanut and lime for you to add to further enhance the taste.

As for the drinks, they were a disappointment. The drinks were just too sweet. The food was good, price was reasonable. However, drinks and waiting time was a disappointment. But I would say the food is definitely worth the wait.

Ah Loy Thai (Shaw Towers)
100 Beach Road
Tel: 91651543
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, 12pm to 8:15pm
                                  Sat: 1pm to 7:15pm

                                 Closed on Sundays