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Lao Ban Soya Beancurd 老伴豆花

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*Edited 11 Sept 2011* Lao Ban Soya Beancurd has opened a new branch at Maxwell Food Centre. Location and operation hours are stated at end of this post.

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd 老伴豆花 is a must try if you ever step into Old Airport Road Hawker Centre.

As I am writting this, I got to know of an article which was written by KF Seetoh about this stall. Click here for the link.

This was taken when I was there the first time during lunch time on a weekday. It was sold out, there was only almond favour left. (not a fan of almond) Instead, we went to try its competitor ‘51 Soya Bean‘. Will do a separate review at a much later time. The comparison is that Lao Ban Soya Beancurd is so much better/nicer.

On the 2nd visit, also during a weekday lunch time. My colleague went to queue for it. At least 15-20 minutes wait. I was told by my friend who went over during weekend that he queued 40minutes for this! If you notice carefully as you queue or eat in the hawker centre, some customers can buy 20 packets of this!

Their soya beancurd comes in original or almond flavour. The more popular favour is original which gets sold out first.

Beancurd (Original) $1.50

The beancurd looks so ordinary, plain. But well, looks can be deceiving! This beancurd is so soft, smooth, silky and looks like a jelly pudding. And unlike the normal beancurd (Tau Huay) that most Singaporeans are familiar with, this does not comes with sweet syrup. This beancurd practically melts in your mouth and liquid seems to burst out in your mouth. Moreover, it is just slide down your throat. At $1.50, this is a relatively cheap dessert!

Trust me, give this a try and you will not regret it.If it is sold out in the afternoon, there will be another batch out in the evening.

Warning: once you eat this, it will never be the same eating other type of beancurds. 

*edited 11 Sept 2011*
Lao Ban Soya Beancurd 老伴豆花 (Main Branch)

51 Old Airport Road
#01-127 Old Airport Road Food Centre
Tel: 81812201
Main enquiry line: 8299-8211 (For SMS orders)

Opening Hours: Tue–Sat  1130am – 8pm  (1130 and 1830 2 batches)
                                 Sun 1pm – 8pm (1300 and 1900 2 batches)
(Closed on Mon)

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd (Maxwell Food Centre)
Maxwell Road

#01-91 Maxwell Food Centre
Tel: 8299 8211 (For SMS orders)
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 1130am-4pm (1 batch)
(Closed on Sun) 

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Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant

Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant is located at  Burlington Square, directly opposite Sim Lim Square’s food court. And it is next to LASALLE College of the Arts. There are lots of seats avaliable. But sometimes, this place is packed during lunch time. Just from observing, you can see that most people are eating tom yam fish soup or fish soup.

There are several stalls inside. Without doubt, I went to the very first stall in it which is the fish soup stall.

Look at the amount of sliced fish, fried fish, squids and fried eggs.


Fried Fish Tom Yam Soup (thick beehoon) $4.70

I ordered the Fried Fish Tom Yam Soup (thick Beehoon). In it, there were fried fish, toufu, tomato, onion,vegetables and a piece of lime. In fact, there were several pieces of fried fish, more than what I expected whereas there was a lack of vegetables. The fish was fresh. It would be good to let it (the fish) stay in the soup a while longer to absorb more of the tom yam soup. The tom yam soup was tasty, sour and yet spicy. Delicious! Would be great to eat this when the weather is cold/cool.

Overall, this is an above average fish soup stall that certainly warrants more visits. The issue I have is that it is not very accessible unless u drive as the nearest MRT stations (Bugis/Little India/Dhoby Ghaut) is a good 15-20 minutes walk away.

Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant
175 Bencoolen Street
#01-34 Burlington Square
Tel: 68357752
Opening Hours: Daily & PH 11.30am – 11.30pm

Shui Kway

Shui Kway is a stall that sells Chwee Kueh. Chwee Kueh is steam rice cake typically ate together with preserved radish (Chye Poh) and/or chilli.

Shui Kway stall makes the Chwee Kueh themselves.

No Pork and No Lard. 4 pieces for $1.20, 6 pieces for $1.80 and 8 pieces for $2.40

Chwee Kueh $1.20

Ordered 4 pieces of Chwee Kueh for $1.20. The Chwee Kueh seems softer than those that are being sold outside. The Chye Poh was disappointing, some how some thing was missing, not sure if it was the saltiness or what. But it just lack the punch that makes me want to keep eating. Hence, thought that this was just a average Chwee Kuah (can’t decide if i hate it or love it)

Shui Kway
590 Upper Thomson Road
#01-16 Sembawang Hill Food Centre
Opening Hours: Weekdays7am to 1.30pm & 3pm to 5pm                                                                                   Weekends 7am to 5pm