Shui Kway

Shui Kway is a stall that sells Chwee Kueh. Chwee Kueh is steam rice cake typically ate together with preserved radish (Chye Poh) and/or chilli.

Shui Kway stall makes the Chwee Kueh themselves.

No Pork and No Lard. 4 pieces for $1.20, 6 pieces for $1.80 and 8 pieces for $2.40

Chwee Kueh $1.20

Ordered 4 pieces of Chwee Kueh for $1.20. The Chwee Kueh seems softer than those that are being sold outside. The Chye Poh was disappointing, some how some thing was missing, not sure if it was the saltiness or what. But it just lack the punch that makes me want to keep eating. Hence, thought that this was just a average Chwee Kuah (can’t decide if i hate it or love it)

Shui Kway
590 Upper Thomson Road
#01-16 Sembawang Hill Food Centre
Opening Hours: Weekdays7am to 1.30pm & 3pm to 5pm                                                                                   Weekends 7am to 5pm


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