Why Foodie FC?

Foodie – I have a keen interest in food.

FC – Because of my name.

This is a Singapore Food Blog. All outlets are in Singapore unless stated otherwise.

I like my food and so am keeping a record of food, locations,prices, open hrs.. so that i can easily trace back whenever i need to. The 1st few posts will be on the food that i recently ate and kept picts of. Hopefully from then on, I whenever i eat, i can post some pictures along with the location so that I do not need to search again on the internet how to go to those places that I want to return to or when is it open. I would also like to add that this is an amateur blog (1st time writing a blog).

Its a sad thing to note that with the higher cost of living in Singapore, its more common to realise that one is hungry even after eating let say a $3.50 or even $5.00 chicken rice.. Prices go upwards, yet quality and quantity goes downwards in most(better change this) some cases.

All comments/opinions are based on my personal point of view (my taste, mood, preference). I am a fussy eater (but still I like to try new food, in hope of finding another hidden gem). So do not be offended if I do not like some of the food. Different people has different taste, it is better for one to try it him/her self. In any of the post, there is no intention to discriminate anyone or food outlets. So if you happen to read this, read it with a pinch of salt!