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Hainanese Curry Rice (Maxwell FC)

Another trip to Maxwell Food Centre during a weekday lunch. There are lots of curry rice or Hainanese curry rice stalls in this food centre. The prices tend to be slightly higher than other Chap Chye Peng (wide variety of dishes with rice) stalls in other hawker centres or coffee shops. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because they are targeting the office crowd and in the area for cheap food its either Maxwell FC or Amoy Street FC.

Hainanese Curry Rice

Tried 2 stalls of curry rice so far. This stall called Hainanese Curry Rice or ‘China Street Hainainese Curry Rice stall’ (#01-68) worths some time online. A queue of about 7 people in front of me. But not to worry, the workers are quite efficient. Within 7minutes, its your turn to order.

I always order the same dishes when i visit the Chap Chye Peng stalls at Bugis. Now coming here, I changed my style and ordered fried pork chop (which to me is a signature item for curry rice!), chicken wing and bitter gourd (my favorite). And of course curry!

Don’t mind the presentation of the food, appearance can be deceiving.Despite the food being cold, it was irresistible! The meal totally wow me over, something so simple yet satisfying. The fried pork  chop was tasty (well marinated), crispy and thin. I was really wishing that a bigger portion was given. The chicken wing was not over cook, tasted firm and fresh! The bitter gourd (might be baised) was cooked to perfection, the way i like it. It was not hard! It was soft and sliced thinly. It was not salty and also not very bitter. Moreover, it did not taste raw. The curry was another wow factor. You really got  to give this stall a try. My next visit to Maxwell FC, I am going to eat this again to satisfy my craving! After that, I will try out other gems in the FC. =) Oh, I forgot how much this meal cost, but it was certainty worth it!
Hainanese Curry Rice (Maxwell FC) or China Street Hainainese Curry Rice
Maxwell Road #01-68 Maxwell Food Centre

Supreme Pork Chop Rice

Supreme Pork Chop Rice has  long history. They used to be located at Shaw Towers Food Court before locating to Bras Brasah Complex Food Court. After that they moved again, this time having their own shop at Middle Road, diagonally opposite Shaw Tower. More importantly, each time they moved, they did not inform their fans. Their fans traced them down to each location each time they move. With such loyal fans, their food must have been very delicious. Hearing it from my colleagues too, I decided to try it for myself.

Entrance, Red and Yellow signage

Seeing this, my expectation of what I am about to eat gets higher.


Decided to order the Pork Chop Rice.

Pork Chop Rice $3.50

I guess my expectations for the pork chop was sky high after reading how good it was online. I found the pork chop average. The pork chop was hard, I guess they must have fried it again before serving to make it warm. And the layer of meat should have been thicker. Nothing fantastic about the pork chop. The rice and side dishes were average too.

Soup was too salty for my liking.

I think I should go back again to try it out again and see what is so fantastic about the pork chop here that result in so many word of mouth in the internet(blogs and forums). Hopefully the next visit will WOW me over.

Supreme Pork Chop Rice
21 Middle Road