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Ensuring the Future of Food

Came across this video titled ‘Ensuring the Future of Food’, its quite interesting. It is created by the Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The video is trying to encourage Japanese to ensure the food security of their own country, to change their diet and eat local products. Well, effects of globalisation. quite an Educational video! 

Tom’s Palette

Heard about how good Tom’s Palette ice cream is since a few years back. At last, I get to try it for myself. Tom’s Palette is a traditional home-made ice cream shop. It seems that the owners have been churning out new innovative flavours regularly and the ice cream are made the traditional way, from scratch (using eggs, cream, milk, sugar).

Oh they have extended their shop, check out the newly renovated shop now. There’s much more sitting space available.

Even have ice-cream making workshop!

Salted Egg York ice cream!

You can try as many flavours as you like before deciding on the ones which you would like to order. I spotted Salted Egg York ice cream! This is unique and very innovative, have never tried something like that before. Hence, I asked to sample this flavour too! It really tasted like salted egg york, just that this time its the ice cream version! Something to unique to sample which I do not think you can find else where for now.

In the end, I decided to order these flavours

Granny's Favourite ice cream

Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate and Granny's Favourite

I ordered a medium cup with 2 flavours in it, Chocolate and Granny’s Favourite ice cream.

Chocolate ice cream had a strong chocolate / cocoa taste. It was thick and dark (bitter) too.  Not the diluted version of chocolate ice cream which you can find anywhere!

Granny’s Favourite ice cream had cookie dough in it which provided it with a variety of taste. It taste abit like milo ice cream too.

Surprisingly Tom’s Palette ice cream are quite affordable compare to other ice cream outlets. Moreover the ice creams are thick and are made of the real stuff. I will certainty be back to try more flavours. Am totally convinced that it is quite value for money. In fact, I think its on par with Ben & Jerry or even better!

Tom’s Palette
100 Beach Road #01-25
Shaw Leisure Gallery
Tel: 62965239 OR 907077021
Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs 12pm to 930pm
Fri – Sat 12pm to 10pm
Sun 1pm to 7pm (closed on every last Sunday of the month)

Angel Kitchen

Angel Kitchen was packed during lunch time. Not easy to find a seat.



The chair looks so familiar and bring back memories. Its like my primary school chair!

Ipoh Curry Chicken Rice $4.50

I ordered the Ipoh Curry Chicken Rice as it was the first item on the Menu. The curry gravy was aromatic and tasty, however it was not spicy, I would prefer it to be more spicy. The potatoes was cooked nicely, would have been better if it was fried first. There is also several pieces of chicken wings. Overall, quite a decent curry which I polish off with the rice.

Mushroom Ipoh Hor Fan $3.50

My colleague ordered Mushroom Ipoh Hor Fan, had a mouthful, it was not bad, quite delicious.

Angel Kitchen
5 Koek Road
#01-13 Cuppage Plaza
Tel: 8228 1725

Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10.00pm