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Li Fang Porridge 丽芳粥品

Albert Centre Market & Food Centre seems to enjoy a high traffic flow daily. In addition, people from all ages seems to gather here during lunch time. You can spot office workers, young kids, teenagers and even the elderly above 60 years old. As a result of this mix in traffic flow, you can get all kinds of food here. Satay Beehoon, Porridge, Duck Kway Chap, Economic Rice, Chicken Rice, Duck Rice, Wanton Mee, Fish Ball Noodles, Fish Soup, Organ Soup and the  list goes on. This place alone is going to take one a long long time to explore.

Li Fang Porridge 丽芳粥品

Decided to order from this porridge stall. There is always a queue at this stall during lunch time, thats why I decided to check this stall out.

What I ordered

Pork Congee $2.80 with egg $0.50

Looks quite appetizing. The grains of rice are quite quite well cooked till its soft and thick mixture. Its not those kind of porridge which is watery or with lots of water. Another good point will be the complimentary fried dough fritter (youtiao or 油条) added into the porridge. Moreover, each order was cooked individually.

However, I found the porridge too salty for my liking and also there were just 3 pieces of pork slices in my porridge.

Li Fang Porridge 丽芳粥品
270 Queen Street
Albert Centre Market & Food Centre

Soon Kee Duck Rice

I believe not many people know of this place, maybe the older generation know more about this place. Dad always buy duck legs and wings from this place. On certain occasions, he would buy the whole duck from here. I have been here several times. During weekends 1030 am there is already a queue. Weekdays lunch are similar. This place is so ulu, out of the way, yet there is a queue. Mainly because it is cheap and nice.

The stall (side view)

Should have taken a front view of the stall. This was taken at 915am on a week day. They have not finished cooking all the ducks. so only hang the first few.

Duck (half)

The eggs and cuttle fish are not from the stall. These are from home. You can request for the duck to be cut into half. We bought the whole duck which cost $35 if i remember correctly. During special occasions such as Chinese New Year Eve, alot of people will call early and reserve the ducks to be collected on CNY eve morning. Of cos the price of the duck is slightly more expensive during this period. And unless you call and order, I doubt you can buy the whole duck. i have been here on several occasions during CNY eve. The number of ducks they churn out from the kitchen is amazing!

The duck is soft and tender. And inside, its tasty, the smell/taste of the sauce has seeped in.

Duck Porridge $3.00

This duck porridge is good. When I go there buy duck during the morning, I will make sure I do not eat breakfast so that I have the excuse of buying duck porridge for breakfast. Chunks of duck meat. And yes they added some kind of preserved dried salted vegetable in it. It certainty added flavour into the porridge.

duck wing and duck leg (to accompany my porridge)

Duck wings and duck legs

My favourite is their duck legs, followed by wings. Its not easy to lay your hands on this during weekends as it get sold out very fast, or some one reserve them.

Soon Kee Duck Rice

Soon Kee Duck Rice
Upper Thomson Road
Along Thong Soon Road
Corner shop from the row of shop houses

Tiong Shian Porridge

Located just 5 minutes away from Chinatown MRT station. It is located at a coffeshop. It can get crowded during lunch/dinner time. But not to worry there’s space at the 2nd level.

Dried Chilli Frog Leg $8.00

Dried Chilli Fish Head (can't rmb the price.. $8.30 i think)

The claypot fish head is not bad. First time eating this dish and I guess I like it because I like fish head (anything with bones, the meat tend to be nicer)

Raw Fish $3.70

In the picture the raw fish was alrdy mixed up with all the sauce. So raw fish might not look appetizing. Well..the Raw Fish was awesome! No fishy smell too. Its so fresh. Saw lots of people eating it too. For $3.70 i feel that it is certainty worth it. A must try when you go there.

Plain Porridge $0.30 or was it $0.50

Tiong Shian Porridge

Not bad a place, except it can get really warm especially since you are eating this. But for the food, its well worth it. Can’t really compare to the one at Geylang Lorong 9 as I have forgotten the taste(the last time i was there was 7 years ago). Many gems in Chinatown to explore. Lots of good food nearby too. I will certainty be back if I have the time.

Tiong Shian Porridge
265 New Bridge Road, Ann Kway Building
Tel: 6221 1596 / 6222 3911
Opening Hours: 7am to 2.30am, closed on alternate Mondays