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Western Chow

I have ate at Western Chow at its Bishan outlet many times. The western food is real good and affordable.

Western Chow provides western food that is hainanese style yet halal. A fusion between western and hainanese, how unique! I have just come to know that the Bishan outlet and Bedok outlet has closed down due to staffing issues. Their current new outlet is located a Tampinese (Pls see the end of the post for full address). I am going to miss this western stall.

All pictures in this post are were from its bishan branch before it closed down.

Promotional Set Menu

Frankly, their Promotional Set Menu is not worth ordering. I ate it once and stopped ordering the set menu. The soup was diluted while the dessert was pathetic. Before, you think this is a post about lousy food, read on as their mains are amazing delicious!


Side Dish Menu

You get to choose 2 sides for any main course.

Chicken Chop Mushroom Sauce (Fries and Baby Carrots) $5.90

Ordered Chicken Chop Mushroom Sauce. I chose Fries and Baby Carrots for my sides. I ordered their whip potato (side) before and it was not to my liking. The chicken chop was soft, tender,juicy and well-marinated, which is a real gem as it is hard to find coffee shop food of this standard.  Of course, the mushroom sauce cannot be compared to places such as Jack’s Place. It was real good and complement to a already delicious chicken chop. The garlic bread was cold and soft, could have been toasted before serving. The Fries was on the salty end while the baby carrots was perfect; soft and the sweetness of the carrot still remains.

Char-Grilled Black Pepper Chicken (Fries and Baby Carrots) $5.90

I ordered the Char-Grilled Black Pepper Chicken on another occasion. Similarly, the sides I ordered was fries and baby carrot. The chicken was well grilled(look at the marks in the picture). Despite the grilling, the chicken was still soft, tender and juicy. Not dry and hard unlike other western stalls. Moreover, the charred bites and the back pepper sauce enhanced the taste. Yummilious! Again, the garlic bread was cold and soft, could have been toasted before serving. The Fries was on the salty end, they should really cut down the amount of salt used. The baby carrots was again perfect!

I have tried the Crispy Chicken Chop $5.90 before too and it is equally delicious! Their mains so far (what i tried) have not disappoint me at all. With improvements on their Garlic Bread and Fries, the meal would have been even more perfect!

I hope that once Western Chow has settled its staffing issues, it will open at Bishan again. They have closed all outlets and open a new one at Tampinese. Their new outlet address is below. Heard that their menu has changed sightly too. Hopefully food quality remains.

Western Chow
Blk 929
Tampinese St 91 
Closed Monday.  


Roma’s Deli (2nd visit)

Another visit to Roma’s Deli. The previous post can be found here. This place serves good vegetarian food. Went during a weekday lunch time. With a small capacity, it best to go early.

Set Lunch Menu

Their set lunch menu from 12pm to 3pm. Decided to order the Baked Mushroom Pasta $6.90. It comes with a piece of garlic bread, soup and baked mushroom pasta.

Garlic Bread

Cream of Mushroom

Liked the soup as I am a crazy fan of mushroom. This time the soup is more starchy/thicker. But I still like it as much.

Baked Mushroom Pasta

Careful, the side of the container holding the pasta is hot! Pasta was well cooked, it was soft unlike some other places which are under cook. The mushroom add on to the flavour. However, this dish is quite unhealthy as too much oil has been added. After eating, you will notice what is left below is a layer of oil. I do not think I am likely to order baked stuff from here again.

Overall for for $6.90, I must say that its worth it. Some restaurants are charging $4to $6 for just soup, whereas here, the set of garlic bread, soup and pasta is so value for money. And your warm water gets constantly refilled! Good service, I hope the standard can be maintained!

Roma’s Deli
100 Beach Road
#01-23 Shaw Towers
Tel: +65 6293 4585
Opening Hours
Daily: 11.30am – 9pm

Roma’s Deli

Roma’s Deli is located in Shaw Towers directly opposite Ah Loy Thai. Its hidden from view and I believe it is outshone by its neighbour opposite (Ah Loy Thai) . I know about this place because my friend is a vegetarian. This place serves good vegetarian food. If not for my friend, I will not have known of this place. This is my 3rd or 4th visit.

Decided to order the set dinner which comes with soup, your choice of spaghetti and drinks. Ordered Cheese Mushroom Spaghetti Set Dinner  with Orange Juice, $10.50. The set dinner is available from 3pm to 830pm. During lunch time, there is set lunch too.

Mushroom Soup

The mushroom soup was delicious! It was a large plate, the soup was tasty,thick with the fragrance of mushroom. It is not those from Cans such as Campbell. My friend who was with me felt full after drinking it!

Garlic Bread

The garlic bread was hard and taste nothing like garlic bread =(

Cheese Mushroom Spaghetti

Does not look appetising right? Well, this picture can be deceiving. I do not know why its called cheese mushroom as there was no hint of cheese. I was glad as I was afraid if it would be too cheesy and I would get sick of it after a few mouthful. The mushroom surprisingly was button mushroom which you can get from cans. I wish more slices of button mushroom was given. The red colour was tomato, initially thought was carrot. Overall, looks like more ingredients should be added right?

My comment of this dish so far might look negative, but thats for  the appearance department. But in terms of taste department, I love it. Its tasty and you do not get sick of it after a few m0uthful.

Orange Juice

Hmmm, just a normal orange juice =)

Dinner-time Menu

Does this place even looks like a vegetarian outlet? It looks like some high class, western dinning area! Do take note, there is limited seats, so if you are coming with a big group, its unlikely you are going to get any seats. Even if it is just two person, it is hard to find a space during dinner time. When we left at 645pm, the place was full. Certainty one of the rare few places which serves good quality vegetarian food! I will certainty be back to try the other dishes.

Roma’s Deli
100 Beach Road
#01-23 Shaw Towers
Tel: +65 6293 4585
Opening Hours
Daily: 11.30am – 9pm