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Good Taste BBQ

*Edited on 18 Aug 11, was told the stall is no longer in operation. But am unable to verify. Anyone knows?*

I went to Tampines Round Market trying to look for 李记 Seafood BBQ. Does this name sounds familiar. Well, if you recall, this stall was one of those featured in Buzzing Cashier 抢摊大行动 in 2008. Subsequently, I went down to try the stingray and lala in 2009. Stingray was below average but the lala was shiokingly delicious. But as it was too far from where I stayed, never went back…

Till recently, I was near the area and decided to pop by there. I thought the stall had closed down, but on closely look, I saw the Buzzing Cashier logo. Well, the stall is now called Good Taste BBQ, but the Hawker who was involved in the show was not manning the stall. My guess is that he is still recuperating from a stroke.

Oops did I type too much? Well , back to Good Taste BBQ:

Good Taste BBQ

Chef's Recommendation

Was surprised that under Chef’s Recommendation, there was no Bean Sauce Lala.

Buzzing Cashier Certificate

The Buzzing Cashier Certificate along with the chefs’ signature, which the prove that this was the stall involved.

Sliced Meat You Mian $3.00

Being along, it was not possible for me to order stingray and bean sauce lala. Hence, I ordered the Sliced Meat You Mian. It was an average dish of you mian with meat. Soup base was not bad and seems to contain flavours of meat;pork (of course) and anchovies (ikan bilis).Was not too salty. In terms of meat, slices of lean and minced pork are given. The rest of the ingredients and you mian are similar to what you would find in a bowl of home-made noodle stall in coffeeshops or food courts. For $3, it was value for money. However, I still felt hungry after the meal.

If anyone has tried their stingray and bean sauce lala recently, let me know if its delicious. Thanks.

ps: There seems to be a famous charcoal fish head steam boat within the round market. Always, there will be a lot of people eating from that stall.

Good Taste BBQ
Tampines Round Market & Food Centre
Blk 137 Tampines Street 11, #01-33
Tel: 9014 0079
Opening Hours: Tue – Sun 5pm to 9pm
                                  Closed on Mon