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Herbal Soup

Again another stall that I have been eating since young (upper primary)! As far as I know, this stall is quite famous with its fair share of appearance on newspapers and magazines. For some reason, I like herbal soup. Some people of my age hates them (especially the smell). I believe the first time I tried herbal soup was at this stall. After so many years, I still come back here for it and the owners are still look the same and as young! (must be the herbal soups)

Black Chicken Herbal Soup

I have nearly always ordered this whenever I come to this coffee shop except for the exception of once or twice when I order the turtle soup. More herbs underneath, hidden under the black chicken.

Note to myself: They used to add alot more herbals than this. But well, no choice. Its still what I considered one of the best. As I have been else where and drunk herbal soup, but outside standard of herbal soup seems to be adding of lots of salt with a few herbals which i dislike.

Black Chicken Herbal Soup with a bowl of Rice $5.50

Again, I must emphasis most people who come to this coffee shop orders the herbal soup. Their business is good. And not to worry, the meal is delivered very fast as all they need to do is get your soup from the steamer.

The black chicken is tender and tasty even though it has been cooked for long period. And the taste of the herbs have sipped into the chicken meat. Its easy to bite. I love it when mine comes along with the chicken leg. The soup is concentrated with lots of herbals in it, its not salty. It is not diluted. Sadly, the rice is hard, but well I came here for the herbal soup not the rice. =)

I wish there was more of the black chicken meat. But well, overall it was definitely value for money. Hopefully, the standard remains the same as I will always be back for more.

Some magazines and newspapers cutting at the bottom right of the stall

Blk 728
Ang Mo Kio Ave 6