V8 Cafe (Bugis Junction)

V8 cafe is located at a corner of Bugis Junction. Unless you have heard of it or happen to walk pass, chances are that you would not have seen it. Pop by for lunch during a weekday on 2 different occasions. Not too crowded. The most 70% occupied.

Lets start with the first visit.

V8 Cafe Menu (a)

V8 Cafe Menu (b)

As it was my first visit, the item that caught my eye was V8 Cafe Signature Dish. After all, the signature dish is the item that will be the differentiating factor.

As it was during lunch time, the dish comes as a set along with soup and drink (Ice Lemon Tea).

Soup of the Day

The soup of the day was Cream of Mushroom. Somehow what I notice was that it was half filled. Nothing comes free does it? =) It was a decent mushroom soup.

V8 Cafe Signature Dish $11.80

In the V8 Cafe Signature Dish, the main item was the grilled chicken which was accompanied by whipped potato, coleslaw and carrots (boiled).  The cheese did not overwhelmed the taste of the chicken. In fact, it complemented the taste. Inside, the chicken is tender and juicy. Outside the skin was crispy at the side. Thought that it was quite an average. But if it is the signature dish for V8 Cafe, then I will disagree as there is nothing special. You can get a similar item at other restaurants or western stalls in coffee shops.

Overall, service and ambience was good. If you find the background music too loud, you can request for the volume to be lowered. Food wise it was average.

Next will be on the 2nd visit. Again, similarly about 70% occupied.

Part of the Menu

Ordered the Chicken Cutlet $8.80. As it was lunch time, the meal came along with soup of the day and drink (Barley).

Soup of the Day

The soup of the day was Cream of Mushroom again. Was half-filled. This time the soup was not as decent as the previous time. It was quite salty.

Chicken Cutlet $8.80

The Chicken Cutlet was served with salad and onion rings. Just 3 pieces of onion rings which were oily. The chicken cutlet was even more oily. Not a decent dish.

Overall, service and ambience was good. But the food this time was way below average – terrible.

V8 Cafe (Bugis Junction)
200 Victoria Street
#03-29/29A Bugis Junction
Tel: 6333 4434
Opening Hours: Daily 12noon – 10pm

6 responses to “V8 Cafe (Bugis Junction)

  1. V8 Cafe is one of the worst restaurants I’ve ever dined at. WORST.

  2. Hi Scribblyloh,

    wow, what a strong comment. Somehow business is still quite good at V8 Cafe. Should be the traffic at Bugis

  3. The customer service is really bad and there’s a recent blog for this issue


  4. Actually, I had an unforgettably bad service experience here 3 years ago. My food didn’t arrive, after 3 gentle reminders, When my 5 friends finished their meal, a wailtress came and suggested to me “would you like to cancel your order, your friends have finished”. I replied nicely that I was hungry. My friend asked who is in charge. After about 10 minutes, a waitress came and said “No one is in charge. We are students.” The food? I don’t know what to say. It accurately reflected the attitude of the people there – no one is in charge.

  5. oh I forgot to mention. It was about 2pm. The whole restaurant had 6 of us customers and about 5 working staff at that time.

    • Hi Tony

      “would you like to cancel your order, your friends have finished”. I am shocked to hear this! Thank goodness I have never encountered such a service before! This brings bad service to a whole new level!

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