Herbal Soup (AMK Hub)

Always been a fan of herbal stuff. So when I was at Ang Mo Kio Hub Food Court, decided to go to the Herbal Soup Stall.





Mini Herbal Chicken $4.00 + Rice $0.50



Mini Herbal Chicken $4.00


This was what I ordered. Dig out the herbs and place on top of the chicken. Too little herbs… and lousy quality too. How did I know? Because I am one of those who actually eat the herbs. Actually by looking at the herbs, its obvious that its some lousy quality herbs. The herbal soup base at the bottom was to salty. I believe that salt has been added to enhance the taste. Can’t taste any herbal taste as it was overpowered by the salt and the herbs was either to little or lousy quality.

The chicken was soft, tender but tasteless. None of the herbal essence was infused into the chicken. I would say its quite disappointing. When the main ingredient (herbs) is compromised, essentially the whole dish can goes wrong.

If you are in the area (Ang Mo Kio) and have a craving for herbal soup, you might wanna walk 10minutes and try this instead.

Herbal Soup
Ang Mo Kio Hub
NTUC Foodfare

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