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Yu Kee Duck Rice (Liang Seah Street)

Yu Kee Duck Rice has been around since 1961. Wow that is older than me! Moreover, they have a website. And also, 27 outlets in Singapore. Amazing, how did they do that.. Licensing or Franchise? Anyone has any idea?

Oh they manage to expand to so many outlets as they have a main kitchen. They claim on their website that their main kitchen prepares the ducks with a high quality control in ingredient choice and cookery skills. Anyway, enough about what they state on their website. Time to let the food do the talking.

Speciality Duck Rice $3.80

Well ordered their Speciality Duck Rice. Come to think of it, its quite funny normally you order from a duck stall, you will say duck rice, not speciality duck rice…

Lets start with the soup. It has a strong hint of herbal taste and is very salty.

Duck meat

Egg, bean curds, peanuts

The duck meat was tender but the sauce on it was too salty. If there was really any hint of herbs and spices being used to cook the duck, then I must say that the saltiness covered the other flavours. I am a crazy fan of herbs and am certain that there is no herbal flavour on the duck meat. I still prefer the duck from Soon Kee Duck Rice (ironically the stalls sound similar with the ‘kee’)

The stewed rice (as claimed in the website), stewed eggs, dried bean curd and peanuts were also very salty. As a result, I did not finish the meal. Maybe too much sauce was added into my duck rice, hence it was so salty. But this is a real disappointing meal considering the history of this outlet. Well, expanding always bring about its set of problems. But if your core competency/unique selling points that differentiate you from your competitors are compromised, then its not worth expanding. I will not be eating this again anytime soon. There are other ways to waste my calories.

Yu Kee Duck Rice
516 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188740
Website: http://www.yukee.com.sg/