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The Mushroom Pot 长寿锅 (Orchard Point)

The Mushroom Pot has been around for some time, has been there around 3 times. So far I have always been to their outlet at Orchard Point as it is more convenient. This time we went there as we bought the BigDeal coupon, $18 for $30 cash voucher. In fact we purchased 2 as 1 will not be enough.

We decided to go for their buffet lunch (steamboat) on a Saturday. The place was not very crowded, slightly less than half full.

You may notice that the lunch is $24.90++ yet we are using $60 cash voucher. Well, reason is wait till you add up all the plus plus such as the packet of tissue and pickles. Well, since we do not eat pickles, we asked them to take it back (and remove it from the bill should be $2.)

You get to choose 5 Starters or House Specials per table or group. So even if you come with another person or 6 others, you can only choose 5. The menu can be found here. We ordered Spicy Chinese Potato SaladMushroom Rolls, House Special BeefMonkey Head Mushrooms in House Dressing and Crispy Squid with Wasabi Sauce.

Spicy Chinese Potato Salad (Starter)

The Spicy Chinese Potato Salad was average. Did not find it spicy.

Mushroom Rolls (House Specials)

The Mushroom Rolls is like spring rolls. Outside, it is seems to be deep fried. Inside, it is full of mushrooms. Yummy!

House Special Beef (House Specials)

The House Special Beef was sightly overcooked. Not as tender as I wanted, but certainty tasty.

Monkey Head Mushrooms in House Dressing

The Monkey Head Mushrooms in House Dressing was quite an unique dish. Each piece of the mushroom has been coated with a thick creamy sweet sauce. And walnuts has been added in it too.

Crispy Squid with Wasabi Sauce (House Special)

The Crispy Squid with Wasabi Sauce was the best dish among the 5 dishes. Each piece of squid (calamari) has been coated with batter and is then deep fried till it is crispy. Dipping it into the wasabi sauce, it added a final punch that will have you longing for more. Well, these are only the 5 Starters or House Specials. Time for the steamboat buffet.

For the steamboat buffet, you can get to choose from 6 soup base. We ordered the Wild Mushroom Herbal Soup which require us to top up $4.

Wild Mushroom Herbal Soup (top up $4)

Wild Mushroom Herbal Soup, is black in colour mainly because of the mushrooms. I thought the soup tasted great at first. But well as I am a huge fan of mushrooms, I am biased. She was right that it was sightly salty and diluted.

Fried Buns

You can never go wrong with Fried Buns (fried mantou). Taste great on its own when it is warm.

Some of the other items that we ate. Do not worry, there are other items not just mushrooms. There are many different types of mushrooms you can order here.

Barley $1.50

We totally forgot we still have a glass of Barley.


Each person gets a packet of The Mushroom Pot Tissue instead of the usual wet towel. Did I say get? Oops sorry, its charged to your billed. If you do not want it feel free to reject it.

Overall, I like the buffet here. No where else can you get so many varieties of mushrooms or get so many varieties of mushroom soup base. Totally, my type of food. Moreover, the service was good, always someone near by when you require their assistance. (maybe it was due to the lack of crowd.) The only reason why I come back so few times over the years is mainly because it is too expensive. 2 person, yet the bill is over $60 per person. If it was more value for money I would definitely be here more frequently. If you are a fan of mushroom, give this place a try!

The Mushroom Pot 长寿锅 (Orchard Point)
160 Orchard Road
#04-00 Orchard Point
Singapore 238842
Tel: 67339910
Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 9.30pm
Website: http://www.mushroompot.com/

The Mushroom Pot 长寿锅 (Stadium Waterfront)
2 Stadium Walk
#01-02 Singapore Indoor Stadium
Singapore 397691
Tel: 63423320
Opening Hours: Daily 12pm–2.30pm & 6pm–10.30pm