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Northern Thai Restaurant

The name can be misleading. Its not really a restaurant, there is no air con. Instead Northern Thai Restaurant is located in a coffeeshop.

Northern Thai Restaurant is located in this coffee shop.

Not too long a queue. Order your food, get the number and find a seat. Virtually everyone in this coffee shop are patronising the Northern Thai Restaurant. And the coffeeshop around 80% full during lunch time. Quite an achievement as I felt that it was ulu. Not like its 5minutes walk away from the MRT station.


Rice $0.50, Northern Thai Special Tom Yam Soup $4.50

Northern Thai Special Tom Yam Soup $4.50

This is quite a unique bowl of tom yam soup. It is cloudy and looks orangey. That reminds me, no chili oil was added. Yet, it was still spicy. There were hints  of basil, lemon grass and chili padi. I was researching online and realised it is likely that coconut milk was added.

Omelette $3.00

The Omelette was shiok too. It was fluffy and ingredients were well spread. The only down side was that beneath the omelette is a layer of oil. But well, for good food, its ok to be unhealthy. At least it was worth it.

Northern Thai Restaurant
1 Tyrwhitt Road (Between Kitchener and Tyrwhitt Roads)
Opening Hours: Mon–Sat: 8.30am – 5pm
(Closed on Sunday & public holidays)