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Manhattan Fish Market

There is a lot of similarities between Manhattan Fish Market and Fish & Co. Recently there has been some news on lawsuits between Manhattan Fish Market and Fish & Co. Article 1. Article 2.  A little background, it seems that a former Fish & Co’s Operation Manager had use confidential information with regards Fish & Co’s cooking tips, secret recipes and kitchen operations to open Manhattan Fish Market. No wonder there’s such a resemblance in both companies. Anyway, the Unique-Selling Point (USP) or differentiating factor between Manhattan Fish Market and Fish & Co is the flaming prawn.

Garlic herbal Mussels

Complimentary Garlic Herbal Mussels with purchase of any ‘strictly for sharing’ platter if you have and will be paying with DBS or POSB credit cards.

Manhattan Seafood Platter For Two $33.90

Decided to order this.


Nothing particularly outstanding about the sauces.

Manhattan Seafood Platter For Two

Their Award Winning Flaming Prawns

Weird that this dish came first before the complimentary garlic herbal mussels. So decided to ask the staff. The staff asked something like if i wanted the garlic herbal mussels now. I was thinking of course. I mean this dish is more an appetiser than dessert right?

When this platter arrives, customers will be able to see the staff flame the prawns right before them, melting the cheese on top. Although this is their USP, I do have issues with their control/consistency as there are occasions when the prawns were too charred. Luckily only the head was slightly charred, not the body of the prawn. The melt cheese on top the flaming prawns was nice; thick and cheesy. Mixing it with the garlic rice was a heavenly combination. Oyster was so-so, prefer to eat it raw and cold, not fried. Quite like the Calamari  and fries chips, they were warm and crispy.  The calamari seems to have been marinated or fried in some spices, totally enhanced the taste of it and leaves me wanting more. The fish fillet was average, abit oily. Its always hard to guage the freshness of fish/seafood when its fried. This platter is quite a large portion even with two people sharing.

Garlic Herbal Mussels

The Garlic Herbal Mussels came about 10minutes after the Manhattan Seafood Platter was served. Not really a fan of mussels. But for a complimentary dish, it was a thumbs up.

I have not eaten at Fish & Co for a long time, so it is hard to compare which is better. Maybe one day I will go try Fish & Co and compare.

The service staff were attentive, be it ordering, explaining of the complimentary dish, refiling of drinks and payment. The only downside was the part where the garlic herbal mussels too so long to arrive. But thats a trivial matter.

Manhattan Fish Market
930 Yishun Avenue 2
#02-06/07 Northpoint Shopping Centre
Tel: +65 6257 5507
Opening Hours
Daily: 11am – 10pm
Website: http://www.manhattanfishmarket.com/sg/main.html