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Lai Lai Casual Dining (Liang Seah Street)

Have not been blogging lately as I have been busy lately and now with the upcoming election, I have been busy attending rallies. I have actually wrote a long post on how I fet about the current government, the politics, current situation and future outlook. But after pondering for some time, I decided to delete it as this is a food blog. Hence, a short post on Lai Lai Casual Dining (Liang Seah Street) to show that this blog is alive and kicking!


Menu (Cover Page)

Specia Set A ($13.90)

Special Set B ($12.20)

Decided to order this, the Taiwan Vermicelli Set!

Red Milk Tea (Cold)

Average. Of course, it cannot be compared to KOI.

Braised Pork Slice

Average too, nothing fantastic.

Taiwan Vermicelli

I choose pig intestines for my toppings. And erm erm.. I was disappointed.

Overall, I felt that the quality of food is not up to standard.

Lai Lai Casual Dining
20A/B Liang Seah Street
Tel: 6837 1556
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30am – 3am