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Empire State

Empire State is located at Iluma shopping mall. Went there on a weekday afternoon for lunch. The concept and layout seems to reminds me of New York New York.(wonders who entered the market first) Its like the simiarities you see in Fish & Co and Manhanttan Fish Market. Colourful joint, bright colours were used. It was spacious. Yet it was only about 15% occupied.


Bright contrasting colours are used. Looks so funky and cheerful.

Herb Roasted Maple Glazed Chicken

Whenever, I visit New York New York, I will order Roasted Whole Spring Chicken. Naturally, somehow when I set into Empire State it feels so similar to New  York New York that I knew I will be ordering Whole Spring Chicken. Sure enough, there was such an item; Herb Roasted Maple Glazed Chicken.

Herb Roasted Maple Glazed Chicken (Whole) $15.90

Somehow, the Herb Roasted Maple Glazed Chicken that arrived look so similar to the one in New York New York. Spring chicken accompanied by similar greens (salad). The different was that instead of potato wedges, it was accompanied by fries.

The maple roasted chicken was cooked perfectly. When roasting a whole chicken, it is very easy to overcook it and end up with meat that is hard and dry. Instead, the inside of this spring chicken was tender and juicy. All the juice/essence of the chicken was preserved inside. The salad and fries were normal. Somehow, I preferred potato wedges to fries. If you are a not a ‘big’ eater, do order the half spring chicken or share the whole spring chicken with a friend.

Overall, the food (Herb Roasted Maple Glazed Chicken) was above average. Main reason was the perfectly cooked chicken. However, would say that it is slightly expensive after adding up the GST and Service Charge. The service was prompt, one of the reason could be the low crowd. Last but not least, this meal was certainty filling!

Empire State
201 Victoria Street
#04-03 Iluma
Tel:6238 7076
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 11pm
Website: http://www.empirestate.com.sg
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/empirestate.sg