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Hainanese (De-Bone) Chicken Rice (Yishun)

I always say this is the best chicken rice in Yishun. Whenever I want to eat chicken rice when I am in Yishun or feel hungry, I will normally make a trip down here. This stall is quite famous among those living in this area. But after a recent meal, I am striking it off as the best chicken rice in Yishun (have no idea which is best in Yishun currently). Its still a decent chicken rice though.

Previously, this stall opened till 6pm. Recently, even at 830pm its still open. During lunch hours, there is still a queue, but not to worry, the workers are quite efficient.

Chicken Rice $2.50. Extra bowl of rice $0.30

Last time for $2.50, they will put the chicken on a separate plate with several slices of cucumbers, tomatoes, bits of pineapple and also a piece of corn in the soup. Sadly, these are now missing.  But for this price, its still reasonable right.

Sadly, the quality of food has gone down. The grains of rice was fragrant, but many crumbs of rice are stuck together and are hard. The rice is also much more oily compared to last time. The chicken meat was tender but thin and texture was roughly. There give much lesser chicken meat now! Soup without corn was full of MSG. The chilli is still as nice and with the right punch of spiciness for me! The chilli saved the meal!

Standard has dropped. But for $2.50 it is still reasonable compared to food court quality and price. For me, its likely I will give this place a miss and go eat the 928 laksa or try some other food =)

Hainanese (De-Bone) Chicken Rice (Yishun 81 Food Court)

Hainanese (De-Bone) Chicken Rice
Yishun 81 Food Court (Behind bus interchange)
Blk 925 Yishun Central 1
#01-249, S760925