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Honeymoon Dessert 满记甜品

What a weird name for a dessert shop. And this is not just any dessert shop, it is from Hong Kong. In Singapore, there is a outlet in Vivocity. Recently, about 1-2months back, Honeymoon Dessert open an outlet in Bugis. When you open an outlet in Bugis competing with the likes of Ah Chew and Ji De Chi, you have got to be sure you have differentiate yourself and sell real good dessert.

I have no idea about what the fuss about this dessert chain is about in Hong Kong. Well since it opened in Bugis, its time to find out for myself. As I work in the area, I notice that business in the outlet is brisk, seldom pack.



Thought that it was weird that the menu like it has been used for ages. Personally, felt that the menu was not user friendly, you will know what I mean when you flip the menu.

Menu: Grass Jelly in Vanilla Sauce with Green Tea Ice Cream $4.50

Grass Jelly in Vanilla Sauce with Green Tea Ice Cream (Cold) $4.50

I must say the saying that females always have space (in the stomach) for dessert is so true. The Grass Jelly in Vanilla Sauce with Green Tea Ice Cream was unique, never eaten something like this before. The green tea ice cream was awesome. With the first mouthful of this dessert, I love it, felt that the vanilla flavour, green tea and along with grass jelly was something which I have never try before. However as I eat/drink on, felt that the vanilla flavour was a tad too strong and it was too sweet. If you have got a sweet tooth, this is the dessert for you.

Menu for Glutinous Rice Ball

Menu: Glutinous Rice Ball in Red Bean Soup $2.80

Glutinous Rice Ball in Red Bean Soup (Hot) $2.80

Felt that the red bean soup was too dilute, but she say that it was just nice. Well as with every blog and everyone, taste is a personal preference and subjective.

Lily Bulb

A few pieces of lily bulb are added into the red bean soup. I have no idea how the lily bulb enhanced the taste in the dessert or was it more for medical/health purpose. All I know is that lily bulb has medical properties and it is used more frequently to cook soup or vegetable dishes.

Glutinous Rice Ball

What is the filling in it? It taste salty, find it weird. I prefer those with peanuts or sesame as it provide a better overall taste.

Well, I still prefer my Ah Chew for dessert compare to Honeymoon Dessert. Or did I choose the wrong items? If you know what is their best dessert item do tell me.

Honeymoon Dessert 满记甜品
200 Victoria Street
#01-70 Parco Bugis Junction
Tel; 68370027