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Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup

There’s always a long queue (8-10people) at this particular stall. Being a Singaporean, I decided to in the queue and see eat for myself whats so good about this stall.

Start of the queue

Side view of the queue

Not as bad as I thought, waited in the queue for about 20-25 minutes only to order.

Look at the picture above do you notice chilli padi? I guess its fresher this way??

Fish Soup, $5.00 with Rice $0.50

Fish Soup $5.00

The fish soup comes in $3.00, $4.00 or $5.00. What is inside? Seaweed, bitter gourd, slices of fish, tomato and tofu. The soup is clear too. Ok, I been wanting to write this since the start of this post. This has got to be the best fish soup in singapore. I have never had such a delicius bowl of fish soup before.

The soup is not salty and you can taste the sweetness of the soup. I am not sure how they make the fish stock, but from the taste, lots of effort and hard work has been put into this fish stock. No milk added to artificially enhance the taste of the soup.

The ingredients are real fresh. The fish is most important. Its not fried. When eating fried fish, its hard to determine freshness of a fish.  Look at the picture below.

slice of fish

Looks normal right? Well, when you taste it, you will know its very very fresh. Its soft, smooth and you can taste the sweetness of the fish meat. Absolutely freshlicious! Does anyone know what the fish used call? Is this Batang fish? And also, it does not help that I like bitter gourds! For once, I do not need to request to add bitter gourds as this stall put that in by default. Together with the rest of the ingredients, I polished the whole bowl.

Salted Bean Sauce with Chilli Padi

Oh yes, the salted bean sauce with chilli padi complemented each other quite well too. A nice combination!

Do try this when you are in the area, its worth the wait and money. I will certainty be back for more.

Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup

Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup
270 Queen Street
#01-95 Albert Centre Market & Food Centre

Fish Soup (AMK Hub)

Ang Mo Kio Hub NTUC Foodfare (Food Court) at level 3 again. This time tried the Fish Soup Stall, its located near the entrance of the food court.


Fried Fish Thick Bee Hoon, $3.80


The fried fish thick bee hoon (with milk) was disappointing. Everything was average except the fried fish. And sadly, this is what matters after all the name of the dish is ‘fried fish…’ The fried fish were large, in the sense that each slice was very thick and I suspect that it was not very fresh. Ironically I finished everything except the fried fish. I have eaten here sometime ago, looks like either standard has drop or inconsistent.


Mini Steamboat



Mini Steamboat, $4.80


Normally you will order this along with a bowl of rice ($0.50). The flame was too big, was making my eyes tear. Good thing the flame did not last long. Not sure how the fried fish in here was. But they provided lots of vegetables and tofu inside.


Fish Soup Stall


Quite a lot of magazines/newspapers cutting. Hmmm..

Fish Soup
Ang Mo Kio Hub
NTUC Foodfare