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Crystal Jade Kitchen 翡翠小厨 (Causeway Point)

Went over to Crystal Jade Kitchen 2 months ago for dinner at Causeway Point, Woodlands.

Anti-Inflation Promotional Dishes (Menu)

Trust some one to give this title ‘Anti-Inflation Promotional Dishes’. It will be real ironic if they still uses the same menu and there is a price increase. Do note, for weekdays and weekends, there are different prices.

Crispy Chicken Fillet with Special Salad Sauce $9.90

We decided to order the Crispy Chicken Fillet with Special Salad Sauce from the ‘Anti-Inflation Promotional Dishes’. The special salad sauce was too thick. Chicken wise, I am not sure as the dish was overflavoured/over powered by the thick sauce. Moreover, it was dry and tough. Certainty, will not advise anyone to order this unless you like thick sauce and you like very strong flavourings.

Steamed Assorted Eggs (Salted Egg, Preserved Egg & Egg) $9.90

We also ordered the Steamed Assorted Eggs from the ‘Anti-Inflation Promotional Dishes’. The Steamed Assorted Eggs consist of salted egg, preserved egg and egg. In addition, light soya sauce was added on top  giving it a light brown appearance. Personally, I thought that there was no need for any addition sauce to be added on top as salted egg would have given the dish the saltiness required. Hence, the dish was quite salty. Eating the eggs without the sauce was much nicer.

Congee Menu

Plain Congee $1.80

Of course, we ordered a staple dish to accompany the 2 dishes. Instead of rice, we ordered the Plain Congee.
One of the main reason why I like Crystal Jade is because of its chilli. I can literally eat the chilli first without anything while waiting for the food to come. Right amount of spiciness, somewhat crispy to me. How do they make it?
Will I come back to Crystal Jade again? Definitely yes. Why? For its chilli, xiao long bao and la mian. But for what I ate above? Then I am not so sure, but I might as there’s chilli. Price wise is average, even with anti-inflation dishes, it can be on the high end.
Crystal Jade Kitchen 翡翠小厨 (Causeway Point)
1 Woodlands Square
#04-43 Causeway Point
Tel: 6893 5505
Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm (last order 9.45pm)
Website: http://www.crystaljade.com/