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Arteastiq (Mandarin Gallery)

Arteastiq is a tea lounge (tea place) hidden in a furniture shop.

To me, Arteastiq is not a place to come to if you are in a rush. Take things slow and relax when u come here as the orders will take sometime to be served. Also, there is limited seats available, turnover tend to be slow as its an area for tea, so customers tend to sit and chat for long period.  The sofa is comfortable, good for sitting down and chat.

French Rose Tea (hot) $11.00

French Rose Tea


The biscuit was average, nothing special. The French Rose Tea was fragrant. Quite interesting. But after taking several more sips, it tend to be abit blend and boring. Then its time to add a bit of sugar. Not too bad a drink. Quite nice. The price tend to be on the high end, can’t see why this cost $11.00.

Pear Tea (hot) $11.00

Piece of pear in tea

Tea bag and pieces of pea in tea pot

Their Pear Tea is a very interesting drink. It smells like the chinese tea that is served in restaurants. But when you taste it, it taste nothing like that, accompanied by the taste of pear in the tea with a sweet fragrance. The pear taste nothing like pear too. Its soft. It is as though it has been boiled or maybe it was because of the hot tea. Overall, I would say this tea is a unique tea, but price seems to be on the high end again.

Arteastiq Crispy Wraps with Teriyaki Grilled Chicken $5.90

The Arteastiq Crispy Wraps with Teriyaki Grilled Chicken was quite nice. The chicken was soft and the wraps were crispy. I am wondering if the wraps were from NTUC house brand roti prata.

Arteastiq is a nice place to come and relax away from the fast paced life. It is best to reserve if you are coming with a large group of people. And during the after noon, the sunlight shines in through the window as can be seen in some photos taken.

Arteastiq (Mandarin Gallery)
#04-14/15 Mandarin Gallery
Singapore 238897
Tel: 6235 8370