Bakerzin (Northpoint)

Bakerzin is well known for its cakes. Recently, there was a Groupon deal that would allow 50% savings when dining at Bakerzin. With this voucher, this is the best time to try its main course.

I think many people had the same idea (in purchasing the voucher and trying out the main course). Went to Bakerzin during Friday for dinner at Northpoint. Despite arriving at 630pm, it was packed and there was a queue. Four groups in front, luckily 2 groups in front got impatient and left the queue. In the end, we waited 25 minutes before we got a seat.

Filled to the brim.

Bakerzin Menu Cover

We had a hard time deciding what to order.

Meal-Box Menu (a)

In the end, decided to order the Meal-Box set as it seems most value for money. Moreover, most people ordered the Meal-Box set. Or to put it simply, I was greedy. The Meal-Box comes with cold drink, bread, soup, salad/potato and even cake of the day!

Diners at Bakerzin can help themselves to free flow of Artisan Bread along with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. But the bread was too hard. Nothing fantastic.

Meal-Box Menu (b)

Bratwurst Linguini Meal-Box $21.90

I ordered the Bratwurst Linguini Meal-Box. As it was full house, I was informed that I had to wait around 20 minutes. When the order arrived, I was delighted by the amount of food. The bread was rock hard. Even harder than the free flow of bread they had. The soup was good! Tomato based soup with lots of other ingredients inside that I had no idea. But the angular container made it hard to scoop the remaining soup into the spoon. Potato salad was too dry. Despite both of us being crazy fans of potato, the fact that we were not ‘fighting’ to finish this speak volumes.

The main dish which was the Bratwurst Linguini added on to the disappointment. It was too dry. I did not finish it, not even half of it.. To add on to the disappointment, by the time our orders were served, the cake of the day was changed from Chocolate Etoile to New York Cheese Cake. I am not a fan of cheese cake nor am I a fan of the strawberry glaze on top.

Meal-Box Menu (c)

Carbonara Meal-Box $18.90

The difference between the Bratwurst Linguini Meal-Box and Carbonara Meal-Box was that instead of the potato it comes with green salad and of course, the main dish was different. Carbonara was dry and starchy. Towards the 3rd and 4th mouthful, you would have started feeling sick of eating it. Moreover, the bacon was very salty.

Overall, the food was disappointing. Bakerzin is better off doing what it does best in, serving cakes. By serving such lousy main course, it runs the risk of eroding its own brand image. Staff wise, it was clearly under staffed. Despite a long queue outside, there were several tables left uncleaned due to the lack of staff. But kudos to the staff as I notice they were always smiling. I will not be back anytime soon in as far as I am concern. The only time I will be back will be for the cakes, which I find over-priced.
*I heard that the warm chocolate cake is a must try. Any one has tried it   before?* 

Bakerzin (Northpoint)
930 Yishun Ave 2
#01-44/45 Northpoint Shopping Centre
Tel: 6755 8122
Opening Hours: Sun–Thu 10.30am – 10pm 
                                 Fri–Sat & PH Eve: 10.30am – 11pm

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