Share Tea 歇脚亭 (North Point)

Another new bubble tea player in Singapore. We already have Koi, Gong Cha, Happy Lemon. This time, we have Share Tea 歇脚亭 that sells bubble tea. Share Tea is from Taiwan and has over 90 outlets there. It has been in the bubble industry for 19 years. Its speciality is in natural fruit tea, freshly squeezed and frozen to -40 degrees!

Its first outlet opened in Wisma Atria (Orchard) followed by Parkway Parade and North Point (Yishun). More details on location at the end of the post. Also, they are opening branches in Bugis Juction, International Plaza and United Square soon! If you know the exact location do let me know. 

at night

Sunday morning

Went to Share Tea at Northpoint on 2 occasions. The first picture was taken at night on a weekday. It shows the outlet filled with 6 staff and there was slight queue of about 4 persons. On the 2nd occasion (2nd picture), it was taken on Sunday morning at 1130am. Only 1 person manning the outlet with no queue. At Wisma, the queue is never ending. Yishun’s much better.

Staff gets 10% off

QQ Happy Family Milk Tea

As this is our first time buying from Share Tea, we had a hard time deciding what to drink. So many choices on its menu. We were undecided. Then we saw this ‘QQ Happy Family Milk Tea’. On its menu it wrote ‘Can’t decide? Try All-in-one!‘. Hence, this was what we ordered.

Sweetness Level (sorry for unclear picture)

You get to choose the sweetness level. Was told by the staff that 80% would be better as I chose 50%. But, we stuck with 50%.

As there was no queue, we got our drink in less than a minute.

QQ Happy Family Milk Tea $5 (Large)

The QQ Happy Family Milk Tea, was basically milk tea with grass jelly, pudding, pearl and red bean in it. The pearl was quite small and easy to suck up the straw. It was soft and spongy; quite a nice. The pudding and grass jelly were of course soft and taste similar to Gong Cha and Koi. The red bean somehow spoiled the experience as it was hard to suck it up the straw. As a result, most were left at the bottom of the cup. As for the taste of the Milk Tea? It did not really suit our taste bud as there was a weird after taste. And it was too sweet even at 50% sugar level. Will order other choices to try next time. Maybe their specialty. If you know what is nice, do let me know.

Share Tea Menu

Share Tea Menu and the extra cost for adding toppings. Happy drinking!

Share Tea 歇脚亭  Outlets:
1) Northpoint Branch
930 Yishun Ave 2
#B1-04 Northpoint Shopping Centre
Tel: 6257 1512
Opening Hours: Daily 1030am to 1030pm

2) Wisma Atria Branch
#B1-45 Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Road
Tel: 6733 7507
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

3) Parkway Parade Branch
#B1-21 Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road
Tel: 6346 6010
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm

4) Bugis Junction (Coming soon!)

5) International Plaza (Coming Soon!)

6) United Square (Coming Soon!)

2 responses to “Share Tea 歇脚亭 (North Point)

  1. They have free sampling for the Mango Green Tea with cream today. Not too sweet and very refreshing! Am going to try that the next time~

  2. we have Shareea here in the Philippines too ~

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