The Orange Lobster 龍虾世家

Saw a deal on ‘$9 for $25 Worth of Chinese Cuisine at The Orange Lobster’ on Groupon. Decided to purchase it as it looks so value for money. Was excited and had high expectations for this place. It is located just in town at Orchard Central. So convenient! Called up to make a reservation as it was one of the terms and condition in the deal.

Inside, it was quite posh. Despite our reservations, we were seated outside, directly behind the DBS standup promotion. I requested for a table inside as we did not want to sit along the corridor where the traffic was high, but was told it was full. Half way into our dinner, we saw a couple entering the restaurant. After the meal, we looked in and saw an empty table for two..

Pleasantly surprised to see that small fork and knife has been provided. This would make it so much easier to eat the lobster(if you are ordering).

Braised Peanuts $2

Cold Braised Peanuts while you decide what to order. Peanuts  were soft and fat! Gray was sticky and thick. But it was way too salty. On a side note, feel free to tell the waitress if you do not want this dish so that the $2 will not be added to your bill.

Menu Cover Page

Menu (Lobster)

Promotion for the lobster porridge (Courtesy of Jazz’s Blog)

There was a promotion for the lobster porridge, $17.90 per bowl for 200 grams of lobster. Decided to order this as it was their signature dish.

Lobster Porridge $17.90

Looks so different from the promotion flyer..

Was disappointed by the portion. There was just a small lobster cut into half. Having been to Orchid Live Seafood, I know that the porridge is similar to rice in soup. =) Lots of spring onions were added. The lobster broth was on the salty end. No taste of lobster and from the taste of it, Marmite might have been added. Nothing fantastic about this.

A  picture speaks a thousand words; my half of the lobster.

I can’t help but say that the signature lobster porridge served at Orchid Live Seafood was much better in terms of taste and even the number of lobsters given.

Menu (Poultry)

Saw there was Signature Chicken (immediately thought of Orchid Live Seafood and thought this place was similar to it) and decided to order it.

Signature Chicken (small) $12

The Signature Chicken was salty. What a waste. Pales in comparison when compared to Orchid Live Seafood.

Overall, I was disappointed with the taste, quality, value and even service of the staff that I wrote on their FB Page regarding my experience the moment I reach home. I have not even wrote about my experience with the service staff. Well look at the last part for the screenshot of my post and the management’s reply. Also, felt very thirsty after my meal.To conclude, its unlikely I will be back as I rather go to Orchid Live Seafood. Taste is subjective, so try it yourself, it might be your cup of tea!

The Orange Lobster 龍虾世家
181 Orchard Road
#08-09 Orchard Central
Tel:6756 0311
Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 11pm

4 responses to “The Orange Lobster 龍虾世家

  1. OMG! Small, Half lobster. They gotta be kidding. Looks so different from the promotion.

  2. I had been to this place few times before and today is my 1st time felt so disappointed that I really need to feedback. I must say the service there had never been fantastic and being a fussy person in terms of customer service, I should not be going back to the restaurant again. But it is their food that kept me staying and kept bringing friends to patronise and all of them who had been there with me agreed that the food is worth eating but not worth for the price and service. But what really makes me upset this round was we ordered a dish that named Toufu with Garlic Pepper but it turn out to be nothing taste like Toufu. When the dish was served, my first reaction was the size is pathetic small, you could easily see the bottom of the plate. And the next thing when I tasted it, it was starchy and chewy like Fishcake and no silky texture which Doesnt taste like before, which I could still remeber clearly that this dish was superb because of the cripsy tasty skin and soft, silky texture within. Thinking Inmight be wrong, I asked my sister to taste as she had eaten that before too. and her feedback was the same like mine. and to give them the benefit of doubt, I ask my brother-in-law to try the dish as it was his first time having this. and his reaction was it doesn’nt taste like toufu. which means I was right that there is something wrong about the dish. So I called the server to check on the dish. She was quite adamant that the dish was right and only to my insistent, then she said she would asked the chef. However it took her quite a while to come back to me, until I had to call another waiter to ask him the same thing. Although both of them said it was Toufu dish, however the waiter was more willing to say the dish was changed 3 months ago. And the server can still lied blindly that it had always tasted the same way since they started. I had been there more than once, though not frequently once a month but at least once ever 2-3 months. And this Toufu dish had never been like that. I am able to accept that explanation like there is change of chef or change of recipe formula in making their Toufu but I can’t accept the way the server wanted to “smoke” us through thinking that I am new customer. Even looking at the pictures, the dish presented was nothing close to the menu picture. Although it is normal that actual presentation may vary, however I had tried this dish before and it’s presentation was exactly the same like the menu until today. My last order for this dish was probably early this year and my last visit from today was 3 months ago or later. I must say their food standard had dropped tremendously. Even their signature pork and the lotus vegetable dish were the two must have dish on my list, had once again disappoint me. And with this kind of dishonest dish served on to my table, it really adds up a bad experience. And moreover this meal doesn’t come cheap. With 3pax dining, it cost us about $90 and getting such bad service.

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