Philea Resort and Spa, Malacca: A Pictorial (Part 2)

..continuing from the previous post.

The dinner buffet at Nusntara. Lots of variety of food with hits and misses. However too many houseflies. Avoided the dessert or food that were left out in the open due to the houseflies.

Baked Maronic (next to the fried) rice was sedap(delicious in Malay)!

Taste like Minestrone soup (sedap!)

Stingray was not fresh, fishy taste with too little chilli.

Prawn was fresh, oyster was not that fresh.


Many varieties of desserts, the cakes were hard. And besides there were too many houseflies hovering and landing on them.

Blended Mountain Green Asparagus

Blended Mountain Green Asparagus soup at the right was quite nice, a waste it was on the salty side.

A Triple Deck Club

A Triple Deck Club was just sandwich and fries served with marinated salad. Does not justify the price and wait, taste average.

Thats all for the trip to Philea Resort and Spa .

4 responses to “Philea Resort and Spa, Malacca: A Pictorial (Part 2)

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  2. Hello..
    I’m heading over there this weekend..I was wondering if u remember roughly how much is the lunch and dinner buffet ?

  3. Hi Sillynelly

    can’t remember. But it was very expensive, similar to SG price as it is a resort. If you can go to the town can get better food at cheaper price.

  4. I surely enjoyed my stay at Philea and btw, my other half’s brother in law is one of the partners of Philea.

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