Aroy Dee Thai Cafe

Aroy Dee Thai Cafe is located at the first level of Sunshine Plaza facing NAFA. Came here during a week day during lunch time. The cafe was packed, had to wait a while before getting seats.

Aroy Dee Thai Cafe (picture was taken when cafe was closed)

Thai Royal Family

Thai people are very patriotic, especially to the royal family/king. The Thai Royal family photo can be found in most eateries and shops in Thailand. Was surprised to spot this in Singapore.

Set Lunch Menu

Set Lunch Menu (Rice)

Set Lunch Menu (Noodle)

Under the set lunch menu, you can choose an item (Rice/Noodle) and a drink (Lime/Pink Guava/Mango/Freshly Brew Lemon Grass) for $5.50

Drink: Lime

Tom Yum Chicken with Steam Rice

I ordered the set lunch ‘Tom Yum Chicken With Steam Chicken’ and my choice of drink was lime. Another tom yum that was delicious. It does not look spicy, no fiery red or orangey colour. But well, it was quite spicy. Yet, it was so addictive that I found myself sipping spoonful of the tom yum. Also, the chicken meat was tender and soft! Certainty a dish to order if you are there.

Thai Style Stir-fry Kua Teow

My colleague ordered this, not sure how it taste, did not try.

Aroy Dee Thai Cafe, another hidden gem. Not very accessible as it is not near any MRT stations. However, this place was packed and during lunch time, you have got to wait a fair bit before your food arrives. Look out for the other Thai cafe next to this. Heard that it is equally delicious!

Aroy Dee Thai Cafe
91 Bencoolen Street
#01-12 Sunshine Plaza
Tel: 6336 8852Opening Hours: Mon–Sat: 12pm – 10pm (Closed on Sun)

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