Sultan Kebab (2nd post)

After knowing of this place in early December 2010, I have been back here at least 3 times within a short period of 2 months! Sometimes for dinner before night course and other times walking from Bugis to Peace Centre for lunch. That is how delicious it is. My first post can be found here.

Full house


Even the table counter is filled

Came during lunch time. It was packed as you can see in the above 2 pictures. And yes, there’s beef. Have been here several times, but always there’s only chicken left.


Chicken(left) VS Beef(right)


Look at the chicken kebab it is HUGE. Compare it to the first post thats the amount that will be amount left at night. More people were ordering beef compared to chicken. I have no idea why. Maybe the beef kebab is nicer compared to chicken? To find out, I knew I had to try the beef kebab!


Rice Beef $7.50

Slightly less beef (meat) was given compared to chicken. I was quite disappointed with the beef, the beef was hard and dry; was neither tender nor soft nor juicy. The rice chicken is clearly the better rice dish.

Grains of rice

Moist, fat, short grains of rice that deserve their air time for being so outstanding and different =)

Give this a try.

Sultan Kebab
1 Sophia Road
#01-15 Peace Centre
Singapore 228149
Tel: 6338 8750
Opening hours: 11am -9pm

One response to “Sultan Kebab (2nd post)

  1. It is not Turkish Food, it tastes like Indonesian food!
    It is a scam!

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