Piao Ji Fish Porridge

Since I was nearby, decided to pop by Amoy Street Food Centre for lunch on a weekday. At the second floor there  are 2 stalls selling fish soup that are quite popular. One of whom is Piao Ji, the other is Han Kee. At both stalls, there were long queue. I counted for Han Kee, there was about 25 people queuing! At Piao Ji, there was about 15 people. My brain told me to queue at Piao Ji while my heart told me to queue at Han Kee. After much thought I decided to queue at Piao Ji.

Long queue

Part of the queue.

Fish Roe!

Look at the fish roe in the above picture! Its humongous! It has been a long long time since I saw such a big, long fish roe. In fact, also been a long time since I ate fish roe. Its delicious! I was so tempted to order it, but eventually decided not to just in case it was expensive. (anyone ate the fish roe from Piao Ji before and know how much it cost?)

I ordered the normal fish soup with rice, the total cost was $5.50. If you were to order the pomfret and prawn it would be $10. As I was waiting, I can’t help but notice this uncle who seems a regular customer, ordering 5 bowls of fish head soup. I took notice of where this uncle was sat at. After I finished eating my fish soup, I detoured over to their table to take a look, their fish head soup looks delicious!

At last, I got my food. Noticed that each order was cooked individually despite the crowd. It was about 30minutes of wait since I queue.

Fish Soup $5.00 with Rice $0.50

Look at the amount of fish you get

Looks delicious. The amount of fish given was very generous, in fact it was alot! Moreover, Each piece of fish was thick, not sliced thinly. Each piece was soft,tender and tasty. You can literally taste the sweetness retained in the meat and it was certainty very fresh, with no fishy smell/taste. Just looking at the amount of fish given, its certainty value for money.

The soup was clear. However, it was salty. If there was any sweetness because of the fish, then well, it was overwhelmed by the saltiness. I can’t help but wonder if MSG was added? or was too much salt added?

The soup was disappointing, if not for the soup, this would have been a perfect meal for me.

Piao Ji Fish Porridge
7 Maxwell Road #02-100
Amoy Street Food Centre
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 3pm
Closed on Thurs

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