91 Fried Kway Teow Mee (Golden Mile Food Centre)

Somehow, somewhat, this outlet seems to be known for being the healthiest Char Kway Teow (fried kway teow). Normally Char Kway Teow is uses pork or lard to enhance the taste of the dish which is extremely unhealthy as it causes increases your cholesterol leve and is very oily. Somehow I think this stall has found its unique selling point! Look at the publicity it is getting.

Can’t help but comment that there are so many instructions. ‘One set of chopstick and spoon’. Well, I saw a lady sneaking another chopstick away while the lady was serving another customer =). ‘No supply of empty plates’. Even ‘your food will be ready shortly. Please remain here.’ Can’t help but wonder the need for this instructions. Maybe too many customers have ordered 1 plate and took 4-5 chopsticks?

No Pork No Lard

The sign with ‘No Pork No Lard’ and ‘Fried with Minimum Vegetable Oil’. I guess these are the signs which lead many to comment that it is the ‘healthiest’ fried kway teow. How true is this serious I do not know. As to me, it was self proclaimed. And the word minimum differs between different people.

Fried Kway Teow $3.00

Wow this is the first time I add char kway teow with lots of vegetable piled on top and its topped with fried ikan bilis (anchovies). I believe the vegetables are blanched, not fried. Looks like this is really the most healthy char kway teow!

This plate of char kway teow is not oily. With the fried ikan bilis, it provided a crunchy taste. However, it was too sweet and seems to lack the knockout punch of lard and also chinese sausages. If I am really craving for char kway teow,  this plate will not satisfy my craving. But if you want to be healthy, maybe this is really the dish for you. But again healthy means not only less oil, it also means less salt and sugar. In any case, I still prefer a plate of normal char kway teow which is cooked with sinfully delicious yet unhealthy lard to provide the knockout punch!

91 Fried Kway Teow
505 Beach Road #01-91
Golden Mile Food Centre

11am-9pm daily
Closed on Monday

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