Burger Bench & Bar (2nd visit)

Second visit to Burger Bench & Bar to use our 2nd voucher from Beeconomic Groupon. The earlier post can be found here.

Burger Bench & Bar Menu

Burger Bench & Bar Menu, give a different feel compared to a paper based menu. Quite a lot of places use this concept for their menu too. They have a more detailed menu at the counter.

No preservation. No MSG. No processed meat. I am glad to know that Burger Bench & Bar is stating that their food contain none of it. Lets hope it is true. As in today’s world, there is a 99.9% chance that if you are eating out or buying any food from supermarket it is likely to be process or contains MSG and preservation. How else can the expiry date or shelf life be extended. Notice that food can last longer now? Well its because of these stuff. Are they healthy? Well, no… But we have no choice this is the effects of globalisation. Ironic..

Queue number tag

Soft-Shell Chilli Crab Burger $8.20

Hmmm.. the burger bread contains no preservations? That is only possible if they do it themselves.. well I have no idea.

Soft-Shell Chilli Crab Burger was yummilicious. You get the real deal, soft-shell crab that was deep fried, not some paste. The chilli sauce was good, almost similar to the chilli sauce that can be found when you order chilli crab. Got abit messy as the sauce dripped down on my fingers. But well, its finger licking good, I do not mind, no wastage.

Omelette Cheese Beef Burger $8.00, add Fries $1.20

Omelette Cheese Beef Burger, deadly combination of egg, cheese and beef. Delicious, the beef was soft and juicy unlike those in fast food which is definitely harder and drier.

Fries was average and too salty for me, nothing fancyful. Wonders if its made from real potato or processed?

Home-Made Gourmet Dark Chocolate Ice Cream $3.00

The Home-Made Gourmet Dark Chocolate Ice Cream was fantastic. Smooth and thick, accompanied by a rich taste of chocolate.

Well, that is my last voucher. I hope Beeconomic will have another deal with Burger Bench & Bar soon. It is really worth it as using the voucher is like 50% discount for all the food we ate. So effective this meal costs $10.40 only. Without this voucher, I feel that its a tad too expensive as we were still hungry after the meal =)

Burger Bench & Bar
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road #01-02
Tel: 67379947
Opening Hours
Sun–Thu: 12pm – 11pm
Fri–Sat: 12pm – 2am

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