Sultan Kebab

Sultan Kebab is located at Peace Centre, just next to the main entrance, in front of the bus stop. If not for the course I am attending, I would not have know of this place. I mean who goes to Peace Centre? I have the impression that Peace Centre is very run down and is a place with sleazy KTVs. Well, I still do that is why I never take a look in this place or walk pass it.

Recently, heard of Sultan Kebab, so decided to try it out since I am just opposite.


Just 4 items: Sandwich, Roll, Rice or Iskender. Although there is beef in the menu, they seems to be selling only chicken items.

Chicken Kebab

Rice Chicken $7.50

Decided to order the Rice Chicken $7.50. I was wondering is it worth $7.50. When the food came, I was convinced that it was not worth $7.50. All I got was rice, chicken kebabs, 2 cucumbers and 2 pieces of tomato.

But after eating, I was won over, it is worth $7.50. Some close up shots before telling why it worth the value.

take a closer look at the rice

The chicken kebab were well marinated, the meat was tasty and tender. How did they marinate it, I am not sure. Moreover, it was not dry. Most kebabs I have eaten tend to be dry. Sultan Kebab’s ones seems to taste so juicy and tender that after one mouthful, you will still want a second. Also, it the sauce they pour over seems to be abit spicy, yet sweet. I keep trying it again and again to decide if it is spicy or sweet, in the end I have no conclusion. All I know is that the sauce is very tasty and complement the rice and meat well.

Talking about rice. Their rice seems different. The rice grain are shorter and fatter than the rice grains that we use to eat. Moreover, it is more moist. Seriously I have no idea how they cooked the rice or did they use  specially imported rice. All I know is that the rice is amazing nice when it goes together with the chicken and the sauce.

While eating, I notice many people come in and order take away. They order mostly sandwiches or rolls. These 2 items seems to be quite popular. Even Chinese foreigners come here to order!

Thinking back, when the dish was first served, it looked so simple and little. But after eating, you feel very satisfied and full from the meal. Thats why I say that it is value for money. The 2 owners do not look or sound local, so is this the real authentic kebab, I hope so.  Also, this place is clean and bright unlike the rest of Peace Centre. Lastly, sitting space is limited, but no worries as most people take away.

Sultan Kebab
1 Sophia Road
#01-15 Peace Centre
Singapore 228149
Tel: 6338 8750
Opening hours: 11am -9pm

2 responses to “Sultan Kebab

  1. The two owners are brothers and they are Turkish. You couldn’t find beef because beef tends to finish by late afternoon. The rice is nice because of the way of cooking. I believe it should be a good quality and you could buy from supermarket. But it is not a special imported rice as that would be costly for such a cafe. So good quality rice with good cooking technique brings out the taste.

  2. Hi Ahmet

    I went there several times. It was only when I went there for lunch then did I managed to get the beef! (

    Agree with you, the rice is real good! addictive!

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