Blanco Court Prawn Noodle

I have always wonder where is the best prawn mee in Singapore. Many people have told me that it is at Adam’s road. Well, I tried it long time ago. Was not convinced that it was the best. Have heard recently this year about a very good prawn mee stall in kitchener road, but have not tried it. Just this week, I happened to chance upon this prawn mee stall. Wow, its the best I have eaten so far.

Blanco Court Prawn Noodle

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Tempted to order the 3 in 1 noodle. In the end decided to order the big prawn mee $5 (soup). You can order dry too if you want. Depending on the time you come, sometimes there is a long queue. However, they clear the queue quite fast. Once you order, you can go to your table and relax as they will serve it to your table, so do take note of table number when ordering. Waited about 10 minutes after ordering and the food arrived.

Big Prawn Mee $5 (Soup)

The prawn mee arrived, topped with fragrant fried shallots. Around 3 prawns in total that are sliced into half, so total 6 pieces of ‘half prawns’. The prawns are fresh. The meat of the prawn is firm and does not stick to the shells. There is of course noodles with bean sprouts which are normal.

In prawn mee, the most important feature other than the prawn being fresh will be the soup. The soup has a rich flavour and is very tasty! I am guessing, this soup must have been prepared long before the stall opens with a combination of prawn heads, prawn meat and pork ribs! Moreover, the soup is not oily. I found myself drinking spoonful after spoonful of this soup. Totally souplicious! Certainty one of the best prawn mee I have eaten.

This is like a shophouse with 3 stalls, the prawn mee stall, drink stall and Nor Hiang stall. Majority of the people order the prawn noodles. This shop house can cater to quite a large number of people, yet it as packed during lunch time. And the good news is the turnover rate is very fast. Most people eat and go. The queue for the prawn mee and the wait for the prawn mee is quite fast too. They are quite efficient. Although there is no air-con, the place is well ventilated. Moreover, it is cleaner that hawker centres.

Blanco Court Prawn Noodle
243 Beach Road #01-01 Singapore 189754
Tel: 6396 8464
Opening Hours: 7:15am-4pm
Closed on Tuesday (except when Tuesday is a public holiday)

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