Ji De Chi 记得吃

Ji De Chi, what a name for a shop that sells dessert! Ji De Chi is located along the row of shops opposite Ah Chew, Liang Seah Street.

I am always a fan of honeydew, coming to a dessert stall, I wanted to order something with Honeydew. But there was none. Not sure what to order, decided to order ‘Egg Drop Water Chestnut Paste’ as it sound interesting.

Part of the Menu

Egg Drop Water Chestnut Paste $3.00

Did not really like Egg Drop Water Chestnut Paste. The egg drop was too little. too few pieces of chestnuts and the chestnuts were too small. More should have been added as it would have provided more crunchy a taste. And sadly, the rest of the liquid just taste like plain water! $3.00 for this hmmm, I am not sure how valued for money this is to others, but for me, its not really worth $3.00.

Part of the Menu

Steam Egg White Walnut Paste (Hot) $4.00

Had only 2 mouthful of this. It seems that not a lot of places well walnut paste? Well I am not sure what makes a good walnut paste till i try more out.

Not a very good impression, well I gotta try their more ‘famous’ items. So do tell me if you frequent this dessert stall and knows nice there.

Ji De Chi 记得吃
8 Liang Seah Street
#01-03 Singapore
Tel: 63399928
Opening Hours Daily: 11am – 11pm

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