Olive Tree Restaurant (Intercontinental Hotel)

Olive Tree Restaurant is located at Intercontinental Hotel. Went there for dinner on Saturday. On that day, it was a Seafood theme buffet. Would suggest that you have to call and check out the theme they are having, price and promotion. This is going to be a long post!


Seafood: Oysters, Prawns, Scallop

The seafood section was constantly refilled. Every time an item in it runs low or runs out, the staff promptly refill it. And I must say I love this section. Went back there at least 6 times to get more seafood. The prawns was big and juicy. It was very fresh! Now that I am back home, I still craving for those prawns! And Oysters were fresh. Ok fresh is an under statement.. the Oysters were SUPER Fresh!

Small live crab in Oyster

I ate 7 oysters, they were very fresh and juicy with lots of meat. The above picture shows one of the oysters my friend nearly ate. He added the lemon juice then notice that there was a live crab moving in the oyster! Amazing!

Part of Sushi Section




The otah was average. Lamb was not bad, quite soft with melt in the mouth sensation. But the gf say the lamb had a smell lingering in it. Did not try the pasta, but friend said it was lousy.

Chilli Crab

The plate of mussels, fish, squid and mee was average. Oh yes that reminds me, do not bother to drink their soups..was lousy and diluted! Chilli crab, had only this to share among the 2 of us. Sadly it was refilled just twice before being replaced by chilli prawn which I did not try as I preferred the prawns on ‘ice’. Service was good, once the waitress notice we had took crab, they gave us a bowls of water with lime in it to wash our hands and the water was warm =).

Chicken Porridge

This is the first time I ever went for a 2nd helping of porridge in any buffets. There are 2 kinds of porridge, 1 chicken the other fish. I tried the chicken porridge and it was shockingly delicious. In total, I took 4 servings of chicken porridge (shared with the gf). Oh yes, another item thats nice is the fried breaded prawn.

Dessert Section

Fruits and Hot Chocolate Pudding

Ice-Cream (7 flavours)

Did not have a lot of time to enjoy this as i ate too long! and was starting to feel full. The hot chocolate pudding was quite nice. The rest was average ha.

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea, comes in a pot. They do not use tea bags, inside its tea leaves. Very fragrant.

They even light up the candles. Good ambience! Overall service was good and prompt. Things (even oysters and prawns) get refilled except for the crab. Must praise that they are observant, giving us bowls of warm lime water to wash our hands when they notice us eating chilli crabs!

In terms of variety not too bad. did not take pictures of all the different items. But one side note, the turn over of food was slow as most people had their fill. So some time after 830pm, they staff did not even need to change or cook more dishes. So no matter how many times i went back, food portion still remained the same. I was hoping for more ‘freshly’ cooked food. So if you are particular about food, this is a FYI.

Buffet prices differ according to different days and themes. So call the place and check before going. For ours, it was $59++ pax.

Olive Tree Restaurant
Intercontinental Hotel
80 Middle Road (S)188966
Tel: 6825 1061


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