Chicken Rice (Rochor Food Town)

No exact stall name. The chicken rice is located at Rochor Food Town. It about 5 to 10 minutes walk from Bugis MRT Station.  Located opposite Fu Lu Shou Complex.

Queue for Chicken Rice

There was constantly a queue of about 5 people, sometimes more. Not a achievement considering that there are lots of coffee shops and stalls all around within 2minutes away and there’s even Albert Food Centre 5 minutes away. What makes this place so unique such that there is constantly a queue?

Price List

Well, its pricing is how it differentiate itself from other stalls. Look at the menu. Chicken rice sold at $1.80. I have to rack my brain to think when did I encountered a chicken rice sold at such a price.

Chicken Rice $2.60

What I ordered. How come $2.60? Well because I added organs and also rice. still quite cheap yea?

Chicken Rice

I would say the chicken rice was not lousy. It was in fact slightly above the average range. Maybe because I did not have high expectations considering the price.

Lets start with the plus points first. I like the fact that so many pieces of organs were added. Normally elsewhere when you add organs, they just give you about 3 pieces. Also lots of pieces of chicken meat. The chicken meat was tender! Another plus point. As for rice, was not hard, was fragrant.. not to bad.

The flip side was well presentation of food haha. But come on, for such a price if you expect presentation of food, you must be insane! Well, so I would say the only negative side was lack of cucumbers. had only 1 piece hidden by the chicken.

Bowl of Soup

As expected MSG was added. But bonus, had pieces of old cucumber (Lau Huang Gua) inside.

Overall, its a decent chicken rice. Worth a try.

Chicken Rice
Rochor Food Town
1 Rochor Road

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