Tow Seng Wanton Mee

Located at Albert Centre Market & Food Centre . This food centre has so many stalls, lots of people queuing up too. Normally when you are unfamiliar with a place, the rule of thumb is to go to the stalls where there is a queue. That was what I did. Not that this was the only stall with queue, several other stalls had queue too, but some looks very long and some I was not that interested to try yet.

Wanton Mee dry, $3.00

The wanton mee cost either $2.50 or $3.00. I ordered the $3.00 one dry with no chilli. The mee serving was alot. And the good thing was that the mee was springy (QQ) and not stuck together as a lump. It was easy to mix the bowl of mee and ingredients with  the sauce below. The sauce was well mixed and delicious. You can easily eat the noodles as each strand was not too long and seems ‘well oiled’ (if u know what i mean lol). I was full most probably from the huge portion of mee.

Char Siew and vege were average, just that some pieces of char siew seems too dry. Green chilli added inside enhanced the taste of the wanton mee.


Wanton was average too. Not lousy, not fantastic either. I would say overall, this was a decent wanton mee meal. And I will not mind queuing up for it unless I find a better one in the area (too many stalls to try).

Tow Seng Wanton Mee

Tow Seng Wanton Mee
270 Queen Street
#01-57 Albert Centre Market & Food Centre

One response to “Tow Seng Wanton Mee

  1. Like your review! Sharing the joy of eating them made from my mom’s own recipe.

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